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August 23rd, 2006 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Ed’s had two shots so far of the Enbril and will get his third tonight. Reaction is mixed — not good and not bad. He was having another outbreak come on and the Enbril appears to have stopped it from getting worse, but it’s not going away either. The documentation says it can take up to three weeks to begin working. Let’s hope it’s not quite that long before we start seeing results.

I forgot to take the camera with me, but Moo did in fact hop right up into the trailer. Well, she did some thorough sniffing, mooing, and stopping on the ground while I was in the trailer with her breakfast. She clearly wanted me to get out and bring it to her. I bent down to pick up a handful for her to get a closer view, and naturally that’s the exact moment she chose to hope in with one big thud. So I’m bending over and then… WHAM! There’s a 600 lb. cow about 2″ from running me over. I hopped out pretty dang quick.

We have the new stall in the barn and set up a wonderful feeding system for the goats. They each have their own bucket tied to the fence and Ed built a great trough that perfectly holds a bale of hay. The first day we opened the new stall they were all on good behavior and filed in to enjoy the new setup. The next morning when I went out every bucket had been pulled off the fence and the two nanny boer goats were laying in the trough lazily eating and allowing no one else a share. Not only are they ungrateful, they appear to be quite spoiled.

I spent yesterday cutting a 50 year old fence out of a treeline that’s in the way of my new garden site. After spending about five hours cutting the fence (the trees had literally grown up *through* the fence) on one side of the tree and then the other, I finally finished it. I was able to get all of it out except the top heavy wire and then the barbed wire running across the top length. I was so excited to show Ed when he got home from work. His only question was why did I have the trouble getting the top wire off and I explained that the tin snips I was using were starting to hurt my hand and I was simply out of strength. So he went and got me the wire cutters. Hrmph! Note to self: learn what tools do what job. I finished pulling the wires out this morning and the wire cutters worked a whole lot better that the tin snips.

I had some energy yesterday since I didn’t work last night and wanted to see if I could get the chainsaw running since I’ve conquered the huge weed eater. I got the thing started but didn’t make much headway on the dead trees in the line that need to come out. I’m going to have to do that first thing in a cool morning because that is going to be some major work. After mowing, moving a load of rocks from the pasture north of the barn, and then raking out the old stall, I was already beat. But I’ll figure it out. I want to spend the cool fall days thinning out the trees around here and getting the firewood ready. Even these cool mornings have made me keenly aware that winter’s coming and we’re not ready. The chicken coopy needs patched, wood needs cut, garden needs built, and the ever-present fence for the east pasture needs run. I need to learn how to set the electric wire around the two sides that are already there and that would probably save Ed a lot of time when he gets ready. He’ll be setting about 40 posts and each one will take about an hour or two by hand without a tractor – that’s a lot of time.

I joined last week and tried it this week. At first I was impressed, but now…. not so much. The “list” supplies you with all the current sales at your local participating grocery store and it’s also supposed to include those unadvertised sales as well. It tracks available coupons and then figures out if the sale is “rock bottom” enough to purchase and stock up. The problem is the list didn’t match my store. At all. I’m not sure that the list is supplying me with information that I couldn’t get on my own, but I’ll give it the four weeks since it was just $1.00. I did stock up on coupons and printed tons of them from then hit my local SuperTarget where I saved $79.00 with them – getting Ragu for $.17/jar and over 25 Goldfish bags for free. Sweet!

I’m mentally preparing the garden bed and envisioning the planting come spring. The bed will be over the old brick patio area that still have a fence around two sides. The other two sides will be fenced in with livestock fencing just to keep the dogs and chickens out. It’s 19′ x 18′ and will make a very nice plot. Ed and I only turned dirt one time in our two years of gardening and that was the worst garden we ever had. We prefer to build up the bed with fresh custom-mixed soil and use the raised bed method. So by the time I get my mixture in the area it will be about 8″ deep with the finest of soils. I’ll add the ash pit from where we’ve burned off our fallen limbs that are too small for the stove, the rye I’ll plant for the winter cover, the rotted straw and manure from the cow pen, and the shavings from the chicken coop. It will be fantastic!

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