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August 28th, 2006 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

We had my chainsaw lesson yesterday – I learned how to attempt avoidance of the 1″ long thorns on the branches, how to cut the smaller branches with the tip, how to work through the larger ones with the base of the saw and use my body to help, and the mechanics of fuel, lubrication, and fixing a jumped chain. I was sore just from the end of one small tree and while I wasn’t bleeding in five places like Ed was, I was quite nervous about avoiding those thorns. I prepared this morning by loading all sorts of equipment into the mower trailer and layer on clothing to help with thorn sticks. This morning was a beautiful cool one with a nice breeze and with Darren home sick he could keep an eye on Vincent for me. I needed to start taking phone calls in an hour and a half so that’s all the time I would have. I set my goal on the largest thicket that had about six trees – four of which needed to come down completely and the others could just be trimmed back from the fenceline. I grabbed necessities (extra coffee, water, coke, gloves, etc.) and off I went. I finished the entire north line! I was so dang proud of myself! Ed sharpened the blade last night for me and it cut so much better than yesterday it was amazing. I organized all the trimmings into piles that we can bring back for the goats to munch on and then a pile of wood that’s thick enough to trim for burning in the woodstove this winter. Yay me!

Last night Ed and I talked about the fall chores needing done and how I can work to free him up for the things I’m unable to do. I can do nearly all the work to the chicken coop for winter preparation and I’ll get the shop barn cleaned up enough to hold the boat and van for the winter. I can also move the junk that’s been sitting around for a couple years (ours and the previous owners) into organized sections in the back half and clean out the tackroom. This yellow shed will be the workshop area and hold all the major project tools. Doing this will help clean out our garage and leave house project tools and car working stuff only. With me completing these tasks Ed is freed up to run electric out to the livestock barn and finish building stalls inside. I think he’s also going to show me how to run electric fencing out through the pasture we’re clearing now. And we came up with two different proposals for the farmer who maintains the 14 acres in crop. It was a productive evening. :)

I’m learning to appreciate the things I’ve never paid much attention to. I’ve learned the value of good leather gloves, good heavy workboots, waterproof knee high boots, flannel shirts, heavy denim jeans, and hats. Having only one pair of jeans suitable for farmwork left me in a quandry last week because I was washing them every day after coming in covered head to toe with dirt, mud, weeds, goat poop, and who knows what else. When I ran to Wichita last week I stopped by a thrift store hoping to get some $6 out-of-style jeans to wear in the fields. Holy great-buys! I was able to get six pairs of jeans, two flannel shirts, three heavy t-shirts, and several flannel baby blankets (another project I’ve got in mind) for $29! I was so excited about finding these deals! And these are all good quality thick clothing that will be great for field work this fall. I’m set for the winter.

I spent some time this morning organizing the calendar for the week and planning my errands as efficiently as possible. I need to pick up more memory for the computer (hey, if I can run a chainsaw surely I can insert a memory stick) and I would like to do that Tuesday I think to coincide with the Target (I boycott WM as much as possible) and Dillons shopping and the coupon pickup. I need to give Jenn a call and see if that’s too short of notice to pop in.

I saw this morning that Peggy at Hidden Haven has put up several auctions for our family. I’m still amazed at this and so very grateful. Thank you to everyone who donates and bids and especially to Peggy. Thank you all so much!

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