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August 31st, 2006 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

I did it!! I installed memory in my computer and it actually worked! This is a HUGE deal for me. Yay. :) I spent yesterday cleaning up the hard drive and all that. I cannot believe how much better it’s running! Good gravy, it needed a serious tuneup. Seriously.

Today is money day. I need to figure the checkbook, pay bills, run the banking errands and the local bills that don’t have online pay – all that kind of stuff. The weather is cool in the mornings and it’s getting me energized, ready for fall outdoor activities.

I have the list ready for the Wichita errands tomorrow and it will be nice to stop at Jenn’s for a catch up visit. Is that still OK Jenn? Is your number still the same? I’ll give you a call when I get near you. I’m starting up north and will work my way down to you. :) The pantry is getting low on staples so I’m going to venture out to Aldi’s and see what’s up about this place. So many people have told me what great deals they get there and I’m anxious to find out for myself. I know I need a quarter for the cart and my own supply of bags, but does anyone have any other tips for me? Please pass them on!

Withe the cool weather this morning, I couldn’t resist it….. I just made the first fall batch of vegetable soup. We usually have this soup twice a month starting in the fall through late spring. It just never tastes as good during the summer. LOL When you add a salad and fresh homemade bread, it’s just the best dinner.

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