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September 28th, 2006 · No Comments · Uncategorized

We got the office moved! I’m upstairs now and have a window to the west and one to the north. I also have the upstairs balcony to step outside and enjoy fresh air if need be. The original door is still standing and ready to serve but the outside wall has been boarded up. Now that I’m up here I’ll begin the slow nagging process to get the blockage down and make the door functional – maybe in the springtime. It would be wonderful to have it open and ready for the spring season. So I’ll be spending the day finishing a batch of soap and setting up the new office.

The new medicine is working wonders for Ed – the current outbreak has definitely stopped worsening and will now hopefully begin reversing/clearing up. As bad as this one was, it could takes months before he’s 100% clear but that’s ok, the fact that it’s not getting worse is wonderful news!

Fifteen is starting to look uncomfortable in her pregnancy. I hope for her sake she has that baby soon. Other than kittens, this will be our first birth on the farm and we are all excited. My friend told me that her milk bag will start to get larger before she goes into labor so I’m watching that closely each day but nothing yet.

Mmmmm, I just realized the one disadvantage of being upstairs. We only have one bathroom and it’s downstairs on the other end of the house.

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