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October 24th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Another day, another dollar

and those dollars just keep adding up. This past week was the first week without Walmart and I was quite nervous if I could discipline myself to working a decent Liveops schedule and making enough money in two weeks to cover the Walmart salary as well as the insurance from Ed’s work (which was coming out of my salary). Naturally, I was very nervous Thursday morning waiting for the phone call from Walmart home office, friends were calling to offer encouragement, and I was in the middle of a kitchen remodel (cleaning LOL). I missed the big schedule rollout where you can schedule the weekday hours on Thursday and Friday. The weekends are easy for grabbing “green” (the open slots where agents are needed) but weekdays are tough and you need to be sitting at the computer ready to claim your seat. I had no hours for Thursday and Friday and I was a little worried.

I went ahead and scheduled 7.5 hours each day over the weekend which doesn’t sound like much but when you’re getting back to back calls and talking the entire time – well this can really wear your voice down, especially since I hadn’t done it before. Saturday wasn’t bad at all but on Sunday, my voice was full of frogs and I was struggling by the sixth hour. On Monday my talk time was figured along with the bonuses and guess what? I made a two week salary from Walmart in one weekend! Yup, I think this is doable. 🙂

Ed asked me to post an update on his condition for him. The new medicine is definitely working, albeit slowly. He’s discovered a real downfall to the process. What’s happened is that it appears to be “pushing out” all the disease to create a really, really bad case of it. All this has come to the surface is bizarre looking raised hard patches – the worst he’s ever had. However, it scabs over then falls off and doesn’t appear to be returning! The only problem with this is on his hands – the palms. Last week they were in the process of releasing all the skin but underneath is brand new fresh pink healing-over skin, much like you’d have with a burn. The problem is that he’s a mechanic! His hands are used all day to wind through car engines and they get covered in engine gunk that requires him to wash with a solvent. Not only that, but they’re not calloused and are blistering up from the work. Although painful, he considers it a small price to pay for finding a medicine that will work. We noticed over the weekend they were collousing and toughening up a little and yesterday at work he said it was really improving. He’s wearing gloves too, which helps. How this man has continued to work and provide for his family without his commission cut in half is beyond me. My love for him grows each day.

I cut wood over the weekend in the afternoons and should finish up a large pile this afternoon. We’ve had fires every night and when it’s 35′ outside the house can be as warm as 80′ in the dining room. When you factor in something scrumptious in the crockpot, the kids helping daddy cut milo for the animals, and me padding around in pj’s earning a nice sum to help supplement Ed’s income – is it any wonder that we look at each other with pride and content? I think Ed went through a fog of sorts because I’ll remind him of how bad off he was and he just looks at me with a “really?” sort of expression. The other evening he was staring at me while I was reading the paper and when I looked up he said, very softly, “I am a lucky man to have had you helping me through this. You are learning something new every day about taking care of the farm – and you’re happy and so pretty while you do it.” My heart just melted. I’ve got to be just the luckiest woman on the earth.

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