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October 25th, 2006 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Do you believe the weatherman?

Well I normally reserve the right to question him. I normally add about 10 mph to any of his wind gust prediction and add a lot of humidity, if not rain. For some reason we seem to be in a section that doesn’t get weather that’s expected and it’s often completely different than what’s happening just 30-40 miles south of us or 10 miles north. I don’t take chances in storms, however, and he’s predicting one moving in this evening and last until Friday night. If there’s one area my anal retentive ultra organizing skills have proven valuable, it’s in dealing with weather. I’ll spend the day today filling the gas can in case we need the generator, filling the water bottles, loading wood into the garage and the house bucket, and moving the section that’s seasoned into the shed out of the rain. We haven’t prepared the coop for winter yet (this weekend’s project) but to be safe, I’ll stack straw bales up around the open chicken wire covered windows for protection and turn their floor in case I can’t let them out. This way they can burrow in if they need to. I’ll also grab a cabbage or lettuce head at the store today so they have something to play with. We’re set for grain and hay right now so I don’t need to worry about getting any of it but I will head to the grocery store for the shopping. Low’s will be in the 30’s – which isn’t even cold to some of you, but I’m determined not to turn the house furnace on this winter for more than an hour or so to take the chill off and I’m trying to get practice for the coming season. It’s hard for me to remember that when heating a huge old farmhouse with wood only, uh, you need to remember to manage the fire!

I let Spot out yesterday while I was cutting wood, he was a bottle-baby and he’s more like a pet dog than goat. He hung around the shed where I was cutting and then got stuck in the fence trying to get back into the goat pen. It was so cute though, to have him just roaming around. I wish they would all stay in the area because I’d love to turn them into the back field even now, before the fence is up. I don’t think they would though and I hate to risk the neighboring planted fields by testing it. Wonder if I could just let out Spot and maybe one other? They are herd animals and normally stay right with one another. Hmmm, food for thought.

I got up early today and had homemade whole-grain pancakes ready for everyone when they woke up. What a great way to start the day! I add pecans and blueberries in mine but the kids won’t eat them. Well I have a lot of work to do and bill paying this afternoon, so I’m off.

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