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A little rain never hurt anyone

October 14th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Poor Jennifer has worked nearly 75 hours this week so she REALLY needed a visit to the farm today with some riding.  Our plan was for Anne to tack up Buck and check him in the corral then the three of us would head out.  Buck did fine as he was saddled but the bit was a whole ‘nother story – it just wasn’t gonna happen.  Rather than push him too much we decided more muzzle work was in order – which left Anne horseless.  So we tacked Blue up and Anne mounted.  Blue did surprisingly well, only cow-kicked a couple times and actually gave her control without too much of a struggle.  Had Joyce been here I believe she would have seen an entirely different horse than she saw that day at the auction (calm and cool with a child on his back).  Anne figured Blue had already given enough so she turned him out.  In all this process we waited out two little squalls of showers that only lasted a few minutes and then we saddled Silver as well as Cartman. 


Anne rode Silver first.  Aint she purdy?  Well, both of them are!

She worked her for a few minutes and got some response from her.

Here’s Anne loping Cartman.

I’m sure Cartman was glad to have Jen, The Lady Who Never Asks For More Than A Trot, back in the saddle.

Anne seemed surprised and slightly amused to learn that we never really do more than a few minutes of trotting and when I explained that I’m old  and don’t really like the idea of falling off during a full run she just chuckled then told me that’s the only way I’m going to learn and I should just do it.  She worked them both a few more minutes and then we mounted. 

Anne went off to work with Fire so Jen and I headed down the road.  About a mile out the sprinkles started but we both determined that a few sprinkles weren’t going to hurt us so we continued on.  Shortly after that the sprinkles turned steady and we turned around to head for the barn.  Jen looked at me and said she was going to see if she could get Cartman to trot and off she went, then she sped up and got quite a distance down the road.  Poor Silver did her best to go at a slow smooth trot but then we suddenly had a downpour, I mean just SHEETS of rain and with her little legs going just as fast as they could in that trot I figured, what the hell.  Go girl, was all I had to say.  I gave her the reins and held on with my legs for dear life.  She took off like a shot and that span between us just disappeared as she flew by them.  I got her slowed as we headed toward the corner and we stayed at a full trot the remainder of the way home with  Jen and I both soaked to the bone and laughing the entire way.  What an exhilarating fantastic feeling that was!

It’s become our little deal between Silver and I that on the way home she gets led into the neighboring milo field to grab one stalk of grain.  Today, I let her grab two. 

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