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All roads lead to nowhere

January 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Isn’t that how the saying goes?  Well we’re not dealing with nowhere leading roads but we sure have holes that lead to nowhere – holes in the wall that is.  And I guess they do lead to somewhere but that somewhere is outside.

While painting the living room  Ed removed the return vent for the furnace for cleaning and noticed that there was no duct work behind it.  After grabbing a flashlight he learned that not only was there no duct work but the hole was cut into the roof of the main floor and lead directly to the basement.  This would be the 100 year old basement that is so totally not weatherproof!  What kills me is that someone actually cut a hole in the wall, realized the wall wouldn’t work for duct work and then rather than repairing the wall….. just left it open basically to the outside.  Who on earth would do that?  Oh, and did I mention that there’s another  hole just the same in our bedroom which adjoins the living room?  That’s right!  They didn’t do it just once, they did it a second time.

Other interesting little tidbits ……… all the interior switch and outlet covers had those little foam insulation pads on them – isn’t that nice?  Yes, they really help with keeping out drafts.  But do you think whoever installed them thought for a minute that it might be helpful to, oh I don’t know, say, put them on the outside  walls?  Especially the north walls?  Well no, they didn’t think so.  Of course, they might not do any good on the outside walls anyway considering they simply sheet-rocked over the lathe/plaster so therefore there’s virtually no insulation on the outside walls! 

At any rate, the painting is coming along nicely and by spring the downstairs will be so much better and cozy.  But the exhaustion rate is high around here at the moment and every spare minute is spent getting these inside projects done so we’re finished by spring when our work moves outside.

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