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An actual conversation with my husband

March 22nd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Him: “Hey, when you go into town this afternoon can you pick me up another pair of work gloves.  Moo ate mine this morning.”

Me: “What do you mean the cow ate your gloves?  You mean she chewed them up?”

Him: “No.  I mean the cow ate my gloves.  You know.  Ate.  As in, she dined on them.”

Me: “Right, I get that, but where are they?  Are they still out there?”

Him: “Woman, you never listen.  I’m telling you she ate them.  They are gone.  They’re in her belly like the big guy on Austin Powers.”

Me: “Do you mean to tell me that Moo swallowed them??”

Him: “Exactly.  My God this is taking forever.”

Me: “But Eddie, they were leather!  Isn’t that just wrong?”

Him: “Well I really don’t think she cares Lisa.  Just buy me another pair would you?”

Me: “Well ok, but can she digest them?  Won’t they……..”

Him: “Oh, yeah.  If you happen to see them in a cow patty, grab them.  They were good gloves.”

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