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Aunt Sue’s Pound Cake

March 25th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Recipes

Folks I’ve got to tell you that my little world has been absolutely ROCKED in the past few months, and that’s saying a LOT! LOL  Between my mama (stepmom Lydia) teaching me some authentic mexican dishes, buying Amazon OUT of used Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, and Christy Jordan – well my life of cooking in kitchen will never be the same.

Christy Jordan is over at Southern Plate and y’all she is the real deal.  Whether you’ve been cooking for years or you’re a newlywed bride looking to learn some dishes for your man, you have just got, GOT, to get her book Southern Plate: Classic Comfort Food That Makes Everyone Feel Like Family. That’s the link to the book at Amazon and I wish you’d just go there right now, stop reading this, and get the book – it’s going to be the best $15 you’ve spent in long while.  I’m that serious.  In fact, if there’s a single member of my family who doesn’t have it, please let me know because the next time you see me I’m going be handing you one.  This is THAT good of a cookbook!

When the book arrived I set it aside and took it to bed that night so I could browse through it before falling asleep and let me tell you something, I teared up on the very first page and hardly stopped as I read each and every recipe in that book like it was a freaking novel!  No, I’m NOT kidding!  I’m probably violating about 12 different copyright laws and several federal regulations but just read her dedication page……..

This book is dedicated to everyone who came before me.  Thank you for loving as hard as you worked, for passing down your wisdom in hopes of future generations benefiting from it (we have), for doing the right thing even though half the time no one noticed, and for knowing that the meals most worth eating aren’t those garnished with sprigs of parsley or served on fine china, but those made by someone who loves you and eaten around a table filled with family and friends.

And then her intro, the very first line…….

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m no one special, but I come from some awfully good people.

How humble is that?  But there’s more just down the page…….

No one would have known how my parents used to pretend to be busy in the kitchen while my brother and sister and I ate, waiting until we were done to eat what was left so they could make sure our bellies were full.

I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me.  Anyone who’s come from poverty, been through hard times, or has precious children themselves will be so incredibly touched by the heartfelt words alongside these recipes.  I’m not lying, you need this cookbook.

I began marking the recipes I wanted to try and I’ve already made several of them but I was impatiently waiting for an opportunity to mix up Aunt Sue’s Pound Cake served with Mama’s Custard Sauce.  Well the opportunity came during Spring Break and even though the kids weren’t home, I made it anyway and stuck their portions in the freezer.  I love me some pound cake y’all and this is hand’s down the best one I’ve ever tasted in my life!  And someone please just shoot me now for not making a custard sauce ever before.  Why?  Why has no one told me about the most wonderful sauce ever to see creation?

Well enough jabbering, let’s get to cooking!  Now since Christy’s never published this recipe online, I didn’t think it appropriate that I do that either so I’m going to leave out the proportions and maybe that’ll be the kick-in-the-seat-of-the-pants you need to GET THE BOOK. 🙂

You’ll need —

  • eggs
  • butter
  • sugar
  • flour
  • whipping cream
  • vanilla
  • greased & floured tube or bundt pan
  • COLD oven



Mix the batter in a special super-secret manner which only those of us with the book will know.

Pour it into the pan.


Bake at a temp and for as long as the book says.

Then turn it out after cooling (or not, if you had the book you’d know!) onto a cake stand.

This sucker is HEAVY!  Look at how dense it is.

For Mama’s Custard Sauce you’ll need —–

  • sugar
  • flour
  • salt
  • milk
  • egg yolks
  • vanilla extract
  • a strainer over a small pitcher


My redneck version of a strainer over a small pitcher

Heat some of the ingredients and if you had the book you’d know which ones!

Temper the eggs.

Add them to the pan.

Cook for a certain amount of time until it’s thick but still pourable.

Pour through your redneck strainer.


Allow to cool, cover with your lid and stick it in the fridge to thicken even more (mine was a tad too thick but I waited too long while it was cooking because I was answering the phone and taking pictures).


Then you take a piece of that pound cake.

And you dollop on some of this sauce.

Then you thank your lucky stars for Christy Jordan and her family stories in the best cookbook you’ve ever laid hands on.


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