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Baby steps from Buck

October 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I think the second day we got him in the barn with about five minutes of slow pressure and each day after that it’s been a little easier.  Anne has suggested leaving him stalled for a while and while he’s in there do some grooming, play a radio, remove and replace his halter, and things like that to get him used to the barn activities.  So we have.  Yesterday when she arrived she said he actually came closer to the barn and then allowed the catch very quickly and last night he even walked right up to me for a sniff.  Well today was a real milestone.  I went out to take care of the cats and muck the stalls since they spent the night in the barn during storms and then I thought I heard something.  When I looked up I saw that Buck had walked right into the largest stall and was nickering at me!  Isn’t that brave of him and such a great sign?  Baby steps.  Training horses is all about baby steps.

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