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Buck’s first ride in the country

January 10th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I’ll have to ask Lisa but I don’t believe the inmates at the BLM training facility ever venture off the grounds and I believe they’re in riding arenas.  If that’s the case, Buck just had his first ride in the country yesterday and it couldn’t have gone better.

Now those of you who believe in signs will appreciate the following.  Those of you who don’t, well skip this paragraph.  Although I’ve been incredibly nervous at the though of leaving the safety of the pasture while riding Buck, I dreamed Monday night that we were galloping through the fields and all went well.  I woke up Tuesday and calmly determined that we’d ride Wednesday without incident.  I went out early Wednesday to do chores and wait for Jen when I noticed something, all five horses were out in the very back west pasture except Buck, he was out in the front pasture and keeping one eye towards the house.  As I headed to the chicken coop Buck noticed me and walked into the corral, standing alone and watching every move I made.  When I went into the barn he walked right into the largest stall and just stood there without leaving, even as I filled the hay trough and the others called to him.  This may not sound odd but believe me, this is very strange behavior from him and certainly the first time it’s happened.  He was ready and at attention all morning and when I went in to get him, he ducked his head to help me halter and walked right out like he’d been just waiting on me.  It’s almost like he knew he was going out or something.  Very odd.

After Jen arrived I worked Buck a little then we tacked up.  Jen noticed he didn’t seem too relaxed as I went to mount so she suggested I work him again, which I did.  And because nothing was normal about this day for Buck, I mounted in the barn (never done that before) and asked him to stand politely for several minutes while Jen mounted Cartman.  Then we were off.  The winds were outrageous and it was supposedly 30′ but felt like 10′ – definitely not an ideal first ride.  Buck was a champ though and never gave a bit of spook or anything.  He relaxed his head after we left the driveway and other than wanting to be very close to Cartman, was perfect.  Cartman normally doesn’t appreciate another horse so close to him but I think he knew Buck was a little nervous or just felt like showing his manners because he allowed it.

We went about two miles down the road and then turned back.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with how well Buck did!  And yes, I remembered to breathe. :)  Sunday Ed’s going to come along on Silver and we’ll all head out but this time we’ll go about four miles and head over bridges, through barking dogs, ditches, and maybe even pastures.  Should be fun!

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