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Cheek bop

October 30th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve mentioned the local Natural Horsemanship trainer who uses a punch in the face with the horses he trains and wanted to share more about that, as well as a video.  Frankly, in my opinion, he can call it whatever he wants but it’s a punch in the face to me.  It’s hitting the horse, plain and simply – he even calls it that in the video.  This man charges several thousand dollars for a couple months of training but my boarders received a discounted rate of a mere $40/hr when they hired him.  I cannot imagine allowing anyone to do this to your horse let alone paying them. 

I posted about this training method earlier this summer on a community forum I belong to and a couple months ago received an email from a very distraught woman who’d attend a clinic earlier in the day where she took video.  She googled “cheek bop” and came across my post so she emailed me to learn more about it.  We struck up a friendship and discovered that she only lives about 10 miles from me.  She sent me a link to the video at but I didn’t have her permission to post a link here on my website until now.  This is not her horse in the video, it’s another boarder’s horse.  I will also say that this man is no longer allowed to step foot on our farm.

Cheek Bop Video

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