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Come riding with us

April 7th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

As if the pictures I posted of us burning down trees wasn’t enough to entice you over for a visit, let me show you a thrilling, exciting, jaw dropping horseback ride through the country!  That oughta get you up here for a spell.  Brace yourselves, this is fast-paced and you’ll need to keep up.

We begin with the tacking up.  Now, the amazing thing about this is that Jen and I had both commented on how much cleaner than normal Silver presented that morning.  Normally there is mud caked over every inch of her body but we thought she looked, eh, not so bad when we called her in.  Then I looked at the pictures. 

I cannot wait to get some shampoo on this girl!

Half mile up the road.  Most of the wheat fields are looking fantastic right now, so beautiful and green.  Jack always comes with us and usually stays close to Jen.   That’s Floyd Nickle’s farm there in the background.  Lot’s of cattle over there, usually three to four hundred.

You can see the town of Goessel a little way up the road.

Cartman is a hardy little mustang and prefers the dirt road, usually in the middle where it’s hard and he can make a clippity-clop sound.  I love that sound. 

Silver prefers the softness of a field or ditch.  She really prefers fields that have a crop planted, but I don’t let her go through those except for her treat.

The first farm we pass is Grandpa Wedel’s.  Lindsey, our hay man’s daughter, keeps her horse here and you can see him just over that white fence.  She’s the girl who rode with us a few weeks ago and then let me work Taz in the round pen.  He’s a cute little guy and he runs right up to see us when we call to him as we pass.

Five miles out and this is a little blurry because Silver wouldn’t hold still.   This farmer has a small little plane that looks to me like a go-cart with wings as he flys low over the fields.  That’s his hanger where he keeps it and then you can see his little road to taxi out to……..

…… the landing strip.  Farmers aren’t known for their wastefullness so every inch around his strip is in crop.

Cartman thought he saw a bobcat, or horse-eating sacks, or perhaps killer scraps of sheet metal, in a treeline so he stopped to take a closer look.


This is pretty much our view for about 20 miles surrounding us.  Mmmm, maybe this isn’t so exciting after all.

About six miles out and coming to the only curved road on the whole trip.  It’s a neat little winding road through trees that floods out with just a sprinkle.  Last time we took they were knee deep in mud but it’s dry now.

It’s tree-lined and woodsey feeling.  I think it will be really pretty this summer when the trees leaf out.

Seven miles out and we come across the donkey tending his sheep.  He normally walks to us and talks the entire time we’re passing, bringing the sheep in tow, but he was quiet today.

These three beauties were up the road from the donkey.  There was a fourth one but she wouldn’t cooperate and stand closer to the others.

Ten miles out and we’re on the home stretch.  This is Henry’s herd just south of us.  The girls normally walk around or come to the fence to get a closer look at us but Mr. Bull usually just stands there keeping a close eye on us.  I keep a close eye on him as well.

 And then we’re back home!

OK, so that wasn’t very jaw-dropping or exciting or probably even thrilling.  But you should still come up for a visit.

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