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Did I ever tell you I was a calendar girl?

October 11th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Yes, oh yes, I was. 

During my sophomore year of college I entered a Delta Upsilon fraternity calendar girl contest and was chosen as one of the twelve lucky young ladies selected for a photo shoot over the summer.  I was in contact with some of the girls during the summer and we all anxiously awaited the call from the photographer to schedule our shoot.  I remember one of the girls getting to select a fur coat from a local vendor, another posed with a sporty little car, and others were shooting at various luxurious homes or boats.  Since I traveled that summer as Vice President of the Office Education Association, I was the last girl to be called for her photo shoot.

I arrived back in Manhattan to meet the photographer at the clothing store and asked him excitement what luxurious location we’d be shooting at when he broke the news…. the only location left was the Sponsor’s business location.

I was thoroughly disappointed.

I chose some fab clothes with wicked shoulder pads and some lovely white plastic hoop earrings.  Hey, this was the 80’s!  Anyway, after an hour or so we came up with this ——


Man, I had some serious hair didn’t I?  Every couple of weeks I would head home for the weekend and beg my poor sister to color it for me with L’Oreal Preference – medium auburn, if I recall.  But on to the other juicy details, notice the sweet girl-next-door come-hither look?  I did that well didn’t I?  I kept trying to get all “sexy-calendar-girl-Farrah-Fawcett” on him but he kept reining me in.

I know, I know, you’ve tired of looking at me and you’ve began looking closer at the picture, wondering if that lower right side….. what *is* that…. could it be….. it sort of looks like……….. lettuce?

Yes.  It’s lettuce because I am, in fact, standing in front of a salad bar.

We had to close the business for the entire afternoon while my crew and I………………..

oh hell, there wasn’t a crew, just one photographer and the business wouldn’t close so we shot in the middle of all the customers and kept getting shots with somebody pulling up shredded carrots or cabbage onto their plate. 

Oh?  I’m sorry.  Where were we shooting at?  You’re wondering who the sponsor was?



So yeah, I didn’t get the fur coat or sports car or anything, I got the salad bar at Wendy’s.  During lunch hour.

Good times.

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