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Ed and my damn brother-in-law, Nathan

September 24th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

First, my damn brother-in-law Nathan will be hereafter referred to as The Man That’s Crazier Than My Husband.  Just so you’ll know who I’m talking about.

Usually I enjoy Nathan’s visits because he’s the only idiot that gets up earlier than me and arrives around 6:00am to enjoy coffee on the patio as the farm wakes up.  He’s kinda fun like that.  We sit and visit, catching up, until everyone starts waking up and then he guilts me into making him breakfast.  After that, I’m ticked at him because he required me to cook and Ed takes over.  I try to keep one ear on them because they’re always cooking something up and usually it involves madness.  Sheer and utter madness.  As you all know, I’m rarely wrong.  {work with me ok?}

Nathan arrived late Sunday morning and after chastising him severely for making me drink alone I made him breakfast.  Then he and I took off for horseback riding.  When arrived home, he visited with Ed for a while, dumped his truck full of limbs into the burn pile, and left.  Short and sweet.  I thought all was well and the two of them had managed to avoid trouble.  Let me ask you, have I ever been lucky?  OK.  You won’t be surprised at this development then.  We have a shed in Newton at our old house that, in 30 days, will no longer be ours but it is right now and Ed feels that the farm could benefit from moving said shed out here.  He’s been lying awake at night for weeks now trying to figure out how to move that shed.  I mentioned it to the neighbor the other day as we stood in the grocery store chatting for nearly an hour and we agreed to meet in the driveway with a LARGE bottle of wine when Ed decides to proceed with this insanity.  Anyway, later last evening Ed begins to break the news to me of what these two have planned.

He tells me they are going to jack up the shed (I knew that), turn it on the roller thingys he has (I knew that part too), put in on the trailer (yup, still with him), and bring it out here.  Ok, I knew all that.  Cool.  And Nathan’s going to help so it’ll be nice that I can sit and get drunk with Barb while you guys work.  Yeah.  Great.  And then I noticed him get “the look”.  The look that means, “Brace yourself because at first, this is going to sound a little crazy.”  He informs me, and HOW he kept a straight face I’ll NEVER know, that the trailer holding our boat is wider by about 3′ than the one we use to haul stuff.  I shrug my shoulders and stare blankly at him thinking, “My pie is in the fridge just waiting to be eaten, get on with it.”  I make a mistake.  A simple mistake and remind him that our boat is still on the trailer and you will not freaking BELIEVE what he says next.

Right.  But it WON’T be.  We’re going to take it off.

I did a little head tilt thin and just went, “Huh?  How are you going to do that?”  {you know what’s coming don’t you?}

We’re going to float the boat in the pond.

Our “pond” is about 20′ across with NO BANK, it just kind of shows up suddenly and how these two men think they’re going to back a trailer in there, drop a boat, and then GET THE BOAT OUT, is beyond me.  Let me just share with you what I suggested they do.  Drive up the road about 15 miles to the lake, drop the boat, move the shed, go pick up the boat.  No, not gonna do it.

There will be pictures.  Oh my, there will be pictures.  And alcohol.  For me, not them.

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