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Fall has arrived

September 12th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

and brought me a cold.  Well Ed calls it ragweed allergies but as I hacked up my lungs I pointed out that once it settles in your chest I think you can call it a cold.  We had temps in the high 90’s last week and five days later it was 59′ with rain.  What a change!  It’s back to normal now and we’re enjoying a nice 70′ week.  I’m sucking down raw garlic like nobody’s business and Ed keeps asking if I’m making more gravy.

I have tons more pictures to upload and lots of work going on but I’m fighting the urge to just crawl back in bed.  I interviewed as the subject of a book last week and an independent contractor magazine as well which will be out next week I think.  I’ve also agreed to film myself working and talking about LiveOps for publishing on a website and as soon as I get the camera they shipped Ed will get it filmed.  So I’ve GOT to get this cold licked!  Maybe I will just go back to bed and ignore the cow hollering at me for her breakfast.

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