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Goessel, Kansas; Pop. 560

September 21st, 2007 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Frankly, I think that population number is slightly exaggerated.  But let me tell you about my neighborhood, my town, my hangout, the crib.  Goessel has one paved road going through it and the town kind of branches off from it with dirt roads.  That’s right, all the streets in town are dirt.  The school system also offers bus service for all the kids in town.  Cool huh?  So here’s a look around.  Don’t blink and try to stay awake.

The first thing you’ll see as you enter heading east is the High School and keep in mind this is “the” high school.  Please note:

See how it clearly says “High School” on the building.  There’s a reason for that, note the sign there for Jr. High School announcements.  Now let’s walk to the other side:

That’s right, the other side is for the Sr. High School announcements.  All the kids over 5th grade are in here.  Since there’s only a tad over 300 K-12 there’s not a lot. 

Let’s head to downtown, and I use that term very loosely.

Next is the Post Office.  Now they don’t have any mailmen or mailwomen but everyone in town gets a box and they pick up their mail here.  Those of us in the country have ours delivered by Newton.  Try explaining that your driveway is the county line, you live in the very last house for the rural electric co-op service transmission line, you live in one county but your kids attend school in another, but your mail is delivered from another town in yet ANOTHER county.  I drink and I drink heavily before I deal with the county offices for tax paying or such activity.  And by the time I leave, the poor clerks are asking if there’s anything left in my bottle.

If you want to actually use the Post Office services you’ll need to note the Hours of Window Operation.  There’s only one lady here and she’s strict about her business hours.

Since she’s only there for an hour on Saturday it can be quite busy with two, possibly even THREE, people.  There’s not a Take A Number dispenser though.  I noticed that.

Looking down the street and across you’ll see the real hub of the town, Keith’s Foods and the Main Street Station.  At Keith’s you can get your basic “Oh my goodness I just ran out of {insert}” stuff and at the Station you can pick up all your livestock feed while you fill up with gas or get your car worked on.  It’s a regular miniature big-box store with all that under one roof.  They even have a debit card swiper at the pump.  That’s right, I said “pump” and note that it wasn’t plural.  That’s not an accident.

Are you asleep yet?  Well we’re almost finished.

On the other side to the west of Keith’s you’ll see a very important part of the town, the volunteer Fire Department.  Oh, and the water tower.  That’s important too.

Go up the road about 50′ and you’ll see City Hall.  Oh yeah, we’ve got one!

There’s even a sign for any newcomer or tourist.  And look, you can see one of the dirt roads!  I’ll bet you’re wondering why there’s a symbol for a Library right above City Hall huh?  Well I’ll tell you, we believe in the big box concept ’round these parts so the town leaders put the City Hall, Library, Clerks Office, Water Department, Town Meeting Hall (which  is available for your family reunion or kids birthday) and basically any other type of “official” or “gathering” for the entire community all in one building.  Dang, that’s a mouthful. 

And here it is.  The door’s been propped open because Anita (the City Clerk) likes to save on electricity and only runs the a/c when it’s sweltering.  I think the bridge is a real nice touch don’t you?

On down the road you pass Bethesda retirement center and right next to it is the Elementary School as seen here.  Now I know you’re thinking I’ve got about 50 more pictures but, uh, I don’t.  That’s it folks.  That’s Goessel.  Oh sure, there’s a bank right next to the school and one or two little business buildings but for the most part, this is it. 

Well one more with the whole downtown just for effect…….

That painting says, “Goessel.  Small town.  Big heart.”  I love it here.

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