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Hey, there’s a chicken on that horse

October 10th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

It’s awful difficult to get out of a nice warm bed at 4:30am when the house is 50′.  Holy moly we’ve had wonderful sleeping weather and there’s nothing better than those cool fall mornings when the air is chilly but the covers on warm.  But not this day.  This day, I had to see a woman about a horse.  My butt was up and out of bed like a shot and I grabbed the coffee to greet the morning.  Ed woke up right as I was leaving and it was still dark as I pulled away from the farm.  I love driving through the back country roads early in the morning and watching farms wake up.  Tractors with blinking lights are arriving at the homestead or the field, barn lights are on and you can see steam coming from horses mouths as they wait for their breakfast, and the dew shines on the grass near the homes as the sun rises.

I was heading east through Lindsborg and since I’d never been that way before I was anxious to see the country out there.  My goodness it’s beautiful!  I always thought the Flint Hills (couple hours to the East of us) provide the only interesting landscape in Kansas but I’ve learned differently.  It was a spectacular drive and my only regret is in my time crunch I was unable to stop in several spots to take some pictures.  I think one day I’ll head back up there just for that purpose.

I didn’t realize a farm could possibly be more rural than hours but Traci’s farm is just that.  I don’t believe I could even see another sign of a homestead as far as my eyes could venture.  Her farm is on a hill and the view was breathtakingly gorgeous.   She was out doing chores as I pulled in and we quickly headed to the horse pasture because she said I was in for a treat.  This is what was waiting for me.  Look closely on the buckskin’s back.

Yes, that’s a chicken!  Well, a guinea.  He wanted to back away from the fence as I got closer but he walked slowly so the hen didn’t get disturbed.

How cute is that?

Traci and I got down to the business of bringing him out so I could get up to him.  This mustang is so regal I can’t explain it, there’s just something about him and I fell in love.  I’m learning that horses are like children – your heart can always expand to let another one in.  Not always the same with your wallet, but definitely with your heart.  She explained his background and everything she knew then continued on telling me what she’s been working on with him.  He allowed me to get close and brush him, even offered a foot for me.   Traci made it clear how particular she was regarding his training and when I explained my personal philosophys as well as Ed and Anne’s, I think I passed muster with her.  We visited until the last minute when I had to leave and then her eyes welled up just a little as she went to get the government issued title to transfer it over to me.   It was so nice meeting Traci and I thanked my lucky stars (again!) that most of the people we’ve come in contact with in the horse community have been straight shooters and honest.  We talked about the transportation arrangements a little more and then it was time for me to go.  I can’t wait for him to arrive here and get Anne to working with him.   Isn’t he beautiful?

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