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Guess what I arrived home to this afternoon?

April 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

This little guy!  Our boarder’s mare had him this afternoon around 2:00 while Jen and I were out on a 14 mile ride.    He was still very wobbly on the ground and so mama would turn circles around him to help him out.  After being up like this for a few minutes, he hit the ground for some snooze.

I was shocked when I was granted permission to pet him but must have startled him a little.

Eh, no worries, mom says it’s ok for the strange lady to be this close.

He promptly laid back down.

We were anxious to see how the herd would react but had already planned to turn them out around the house when we returned  so that gave her some quiet time for a long drink of water.  After a few minutes we herd nickering and realized that Buck was at the gate to return into the corral and refused to leave.  We walked back to the far pasture with Lee (mama) but could still hear Buck and figured there must be a reason he wanted in so badly – I went back and got him.  After stopping to clean up some dropped treats he ran at a full gallop directly at us and it was clearly very aggressive.  He moved in between Lee/baby and us and did a reining stop.  Clearly he was stepping up to play Uncle Buck.  We left them to a pile of brome, watched from the corral, and were shocked to see Buck licking her shoulder and so “on point” in his role.  After a few hours we turned the herd back into the pasture and Buck let them all know they were to remain back at least so far.  It was really neat to see!

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