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Have you heard about Necktize?

March 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Some years ago my mom and her twin sister started making crafty stuff – indian dreamcatchers, native american dolls, beaded bracelets, all kinds of stuff.  These two look-alikes would load up their vehicles and travel around Kansas and Oklahoma to set up booths at powwows and craft shows and they would come home loaded with interesting stories.  Stories like the one about the flight attendant.

Yes, really!

You see one of their other sisters (there’s 6 girls and one lone boy in the bunch – that makes for a LOT of aunts!) was at a tradeshow of her own and saw these necklaces made with a really cool thread that’s actually impossible to describe.  But my aunt took it to the twins and said, “Surely you can make something like this?  They were selling like CRAZY at the show!”  Mom and my aunt took it apart, found the thread, ordered it, and sold it to a flight attendant who then wore it on a flight.  That’s really when the Necktize craze began.

This flight attendant got a few compliments on her unusual necklace and, because she knew how to get more, sold the one right off her neck.  Then she sold the others that were in her carry-on bag!  Then she called the twins and said, “I’ll take a couple hundred of those suckers and get ’em sold for you while flying the friendly skies!”

And she did.

Mom kept telling me how many hundreds of these Necktize she was working on and I, because I’m always thinking, immediately thought she should incorporate to make herself more attractive to a friendly takeover.  OK, not really, but maybe some day.  But I did agree that putting up a quick little site with pictures and a paypal ordering address would be easy and fun to do, a way for customers to come back and order more for gifts or just different colors.

So that’s what the twins did.  They set up and have been busy ever since.  How cute are these?

I love this color for Spring!

But I think this is my absolutely favorite and the one I wear the most.

These make great gifts and they’re only $10.  Sweet!  Go check ’em out.

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