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Herd mentality

March 25th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Horses

Lily, Jen’s new paint horse, is getting along well with the others.  She’s not dominant in any way so she passed muster with our lead mare, Tess, and she’s apparently cute enough that all the geldings love her – as evidenced by the many bites from love nips she has on.  I’m glad humans don’t judge our dating partners by sniffing those parts and then biting them all over!  Oh wait, I guess some might.

But that’s a different blog and definitely not what we talk about here!

Sorry about that Cousin Jeri.  Back to the subject…..

Anyway, she’s fitting in well and has been allowed to get a little closer to the herd day by day.  She stands politely at the distance set by Tess and Cartman then she just waits patiently until they allow her to eat.  I finally noticed her laying down for some REM sleep the other day and Silver politely stood watch over her.  Since I’ve seen her lay down now, I’m fairly certain all’s well and she’ll be right it the thick of the herd before no time.  Adding a new horse to the herd is a fascinating study in herd mentality and one can learn a lot by observing.

This was just a couple of days after her arrival.  She’s still required to stand about 30′ away from the rest of the herd (that’s her over on the left).  Most of them watch her closely and even if they appear to be asleep, if she so much as flinches, they immediately perk up to check her out.

Except for one, of course.  Oh my, what’s that in the center there between Lilly and the herd?

Dude, I’m like so tired from all that walking.

Seriously, I think I’m just gonna close my eyes for a minute ok?

Ahhh, yep this is good.  Wake me up in a hour.

You guys, she was SNORING.  I swear I didn’t know horses could snore but she dang sure was.  Her little lips were quivering and feet were moving like a dog dreaming about chasing rabbits and man was she ever snoring!  I hit the video record button and I’m going to see if I can figure out how to upload it.

 photo mylivesigfinal_zpsbe6e7807.png