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How much is this going to cost?

February 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Book Writing

My first order of business is to perform a few quick searches for tips on writing a book.  Oh my!  It’s not like I woke  up one day and thought, “I think I’ll become a writer.”  No, not at all.  Most of the sites that come up on these searches detail how to begin your writing career and, since that’s not my intention, don’t really apply to me.  I simply want to tell a story.  It’ll be a one-time deal and I have no illusions of anything else.  And even though many have told me over the years that I should write such a book, there are no editors or large publishing houses knocking on my door.  Shame, really.  So, I’m on my own. 

With the technology we have available to us, I’m still surprised by the common difficulties it presents.  I know when Ed’s working on a car and finds the problem, I always think, “Great, now he’ll just replace that widget and things will be fine.  Maybe an hour or two for the repair.”  Then I’m shocked to learn that he doesn’t have metric tools available or before he can get to the broken widget he has to pull out 5,000 other parts and even replace many of them.  So this repair will end up taking several days.  Technology is the same in that sense.  I know when I receive attachments I’m always surprised that I can’t open them.  Word doesn’t open Works documents and my spreadsheets arriving in Excel format get tossed in my cute little trashcan in the upper left corner of my screen.  I don’t understand the details and I never will.  All I know is that it matters. 

My first order of business is to ensure my project is formatted correctly for submission.  And no, I have no idea how to submit a submission but I keep seeing it pop up so I’m sure it’s pretty important.  If I type the thing in Works – which was free and I already have – I run the risk that an editor or publisher won’t be able to open it.  So I need to invest in Word.  That’s the first step and my mission for today.  I see it in packages that run about $300 but I’m hoping to find it separately for quite a bit less.

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