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I achieved a goal yesterday

October 16th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I hauled my big butt onto Silver without any help.  Bless her heart, she stood still for me but I know she was thinking, “What in the hell are you doing and why do you look so stupid?”  She’s so tall that when I put a foot in the stirrup my bent knee is practically even with my face.  Then there’s the hopping up, the groaning, and just general clumsiness – I’m sure it’s quite a sight.  But as Jen and I took off yesterday I was bound and determined to meet this goal so I did it.   And then came more opportunity.   Cartman has some really unusual withers and it’s very difficult to find a saddle that doesn’t pinch him without going the custom made route so usually once on the ride she has to dismount and adjust the saddle.  Well this time he decided that he’d prefer it if Jen just walked all by herself the couple miles home and turned circles, refusing to let her mount.  I decided to get off Silver knowing there’s probably no way I can get back up but both their frustration levels were getting high.  I tried to hold him but he was just fussy as ever and wouldn’t stand still so I told Jen to see if he’d hold for me getting on and son-of-a-gun he stood still and I climbed right up.  But then he decided we were heading for the barn and gave me a couple little cow-kicks and even reared just a little as I put him to work in circles.  We got a ways down the road and then stopped to calm down.

Jen was now faced with getting on Silver and it just wasn’t gonna happen.  Poor Jen was so tired and frustrated and Silver took off walking as she was half-way up.  I’m sure we were quite a sight out there on the road, these two ladies with silly horses not behaving.  At this point I was so tired that I just decided we were going to get this resolved right this minute.  I got off Cartman and informed Silver she was now a ground-tied horse (never done that before and obviously she is because she stood stock still the whole time, good for her!) and then I helped Jen get onto Cartman.  The ditches were full of water so I couldn’t really put Silver into them and I had no choice but to haul my big butt up there again.  How I managed I haven’t a clue but all I know is that today I’ve got sore muscles in places I didn’t know I had muscles.

Obviously I need to restart my pilates program.  And a diet.  And a strengthening regimen.  Well, I just need a lot of work put it that way.

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