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I broke my Gmail

September 23rd, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

monkey_computer_1.gif   I tell you what, when I insult people I don’t do it pansy-ass style, I really go all out.  And if I don’t get it done right the first time, I do it again for good measure.  Remember several months ago when Cousin Jeri was here visiting and we had the get-together at RB’s?  Well I took about 45 pictures that day of everyone and everything and then went to get one of Jeri when I realized my batteries had died.  I never got a picture of her.  Then a few weeks later my mother-in-law asks if I’d responded to the email Jeri’s son had sent us.  Well for several weeks my little phone company decided emails just weren’t on their priority list and it was a regular crap-shoot whether they were sent or received so I never got this man’s email.  So when Deanna was re-doing out site I had her plug in the little “email me” link over there in the left column for my gmail account since I wasn’t sure my mtelco (provider) account was ever going to function again.  And this is where it went downhill.  In the beginning, the email link worked just fine – well DUH, a professional had set it up.  But it’s a pain in the rear to check like four separate email accounts each day.  I remembered I had the host email and I could have my regular lisa @ crazycowcountryfarm . com email (which obviously does NOT work so don’t use that) so I, uh, kind of started reconfiguring.   I KNOW I shouldn’t have but I really thought it would be so simple that a monkey could do it so surely I couldn’t screw it up.   I realize that I used to break Blogger on a regular basis and they finally evicted me.  I realize that I caused the entire Dreamhost system to crash and burn the day we switched servers.  But surely my luck with the internet has changed!   Apparently, not so much.   Allow Ed to explain……

Ed:  I talked with my mom last night.  Did you respond to Jeri’s son’s email yet?

Me:  You mean he sent another one?

Ed:  Yeah, did you answer it?

Me:  No, I never got it.

Ed:  What do you mean you never got it?  Isn’t our email link right there on the site?  You said Deanna had put it there.

Me:  Well, yeah, she did but then it was reconfigured.

Ed:  You broke it didn’t you?

Me:  No!  No, I’m sure it’s working and I did it right.

Ed:  Well have you received any emails since you switched it?

Me:  Not really.

Ed:  How many?

Me:  Well, none. 

Ed:  Are you capable of undoing what you did or do we need to call a professional?

Me:  Oh, uh, I’m sure I can fix it.

Ed:  Can I assume it’s safe to say you won’t try this again?

So Cousin Jeri, Jeri’s son, and my sweet mother-in-law please accept my apologies because if you’ve used that email link to the left and sent me an email recently, I haven’t received it and I’ll ask you to resend it.  You have my word that I’ve switched it back and have thoroughly tested out the new link.  It works.

Obviously this is why I missed the emails from the networks asking me to be an Anchorwoman.

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