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I think we’re getting a wild-caught mustang

October 9th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

We’re country folk ’round here and are into simple Western Pleasure riding – just taking off through fields, creeks, and dirt roads.  Any thoughts of owning or buying horses I present here is with that simple goal in mind.  There are people who pay thousands of dollars for show horses, jumpers, or bloodlines and while all that is wonderful, it just aint our style.  Although those horses are still fetching a pretty penny, in the current market here you practically can’t give away a young ‘un or a green broke horse – especially coming in to winter as that’s the most expensive season for equine.

Now we’re always a’horse trading and looking for good deals or ways to meet our goals and a friend just purchased a trailer that needs some welding.  Naturally my first question was whether or not her husband can weld and when the answer was no I immediately struck a bargain – Ed can weld as he had just got the best cheap 110v stick welder but in return we’ll take a one-time use of the trailer as payment.  She agreed with that deal.  So now that I know in the back of my mind we’ve got use of a trailer I keep an eye on the sale ads because you can pick up good horses for next to nothing and meet good people in the process.  I came across an ad for a mustang about 2 hours away and struck up an email conversation with the lady.   The poor woman was fool enough to offer her phone number so I just rang her up.  As usual in this rural life, we talked for nearly an hour about “where you from?” “how many kids do you have” “what’s your farm like” and all that important stuff.  This woman understood the process and we thoroughly enjoyed that hour on the phone.  And that’s when it got weird.

You see she’s pregnant with her seventh child and having a homebirth.  Well that led to midwife talk (there aren’t many around here) and I found out she’s using Michelle who is just down the road from me.  Michell and Rebecca (the lady we bought the farm from and served as my own midwife for Vincent’s birth) used to be very good friends as well as semi-partners in backing each other up.  Rebecca even flew in from California to assist in Michelle’s last birth.  The world gets smaller each day I swear it.  Anyway, she explained all about her mustang and what she knew and I could tell she was much like Julie (Silver’s previous owner) in that she was giving me the true lowdown and not sugar coating anything.  In fact, she’s so particular about his new home that she’s turned several people down for not being a good fit.

This mustang was wild-caught at age 5, gelded, and sent to the Hutchinson Correctional Facility for training then adoption.  I had heard of this process but never really looked into and spent some time last night reading up.  I guess they have people to train the inmates on handling and then give them the opportunity to work with the horses.  As they are ready for adoption they have very clear guidelines on what level their training reached and so forth.  Her mustang had been saddle trained and ridden in the arena for the auction.  After having him a short time she discovered she was pregnant and so he hasn’t been ridden in over the year or so that she’s had him.  He’d be considered green broke and needs finishing so he’s priced lower than my electric bill.   Normally, since he’s green broke at best, this would end my interest but with Anne coming several times a week it didn’t put me off at all and I scheduled a visit for early tomorrow morning.  If we decide to get him she’s even got a friend who might be willing to deliver and that will save our use of my friend’s trailer for another time – even better.  The potential buyers she turned away seemed to be looking for a kid broke horse or were really green themselves.  It’s never a good idea to have a green horse and a green rider – one of you needs to have the experience to teach the other.  Silver teaches me something every time we go out but it will be months of watching Anne on Fire or Smoke before I attempt a ride.  You can ruin a horse and his training quicker than Moo gulps a bucket full of grain if you don’t know what you’re doing.  She seemed pleased that I understood this and had no desire to hop on his back anytime soon without lots of ground training with someone experienced.  And after seeing his picture I can’t wait to meet him.  He’s a buckskin color with white blanket on his back and just looks majestic.

So today will be spent working the phones, doing chores, and cleaning the house as I’ll leave here around 6:00am in the morning.  Anne’s training this afternoon so I’ll be picturing and filming that as well for uploading tomorrow.

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