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I’m a damaged adult thanks to my Uncle Ray

October 26th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I’m about to let out a deep-seated child abuse story that’s been kept from the public for far too long.  You know how when something SO traumatic happens to you as a child and then when you’re an adult something can trigger that memory and it suddenly floods back like it happened only a few minutes before.  That’s what happened this evening when Ed mentioned how much he’d enjoy a lemon meringue pie.  My head started spinning, chest started heaving, and it went downhill from there.  Curses on my Uncle Ray – even though he was always my favorite uncle.  Well except for Uncle Mikey.  He was the baby of the seven kids in my mother’s family and he was always getting into trouble or getting arrested or staying with us and letting us get away with murder.  But back to Uncle Ray.  A terrible terrible man who forever ruined my love of pies with heavenly meringue.

It happened one year at Thanksgiving.  We were always thankful his wife, mom’s sister, Aunt Patsy made dinner and anyone who’s ever had my mother’s cooking knows exactly why we were thankful to be over there.  Aunt Patsy is a gourmet chef and I mean, she’s that  good.  All the food was always homemade, with love, and days were spent in preparation for the feast.  Tables were strewn throughout her entire house and we often numbered in the 30’s for a dinner count. 

I’m prolonging it.  It’s so hard to talk about.

One year I was getting ready to take a bite of the most delicious lemon meringue pie Aunt Patsy had ever created when Uncle Ray walked in.  Now what bee got under his bonnet I’ll never know, perhaps I looked like a fun victim or maybe I had the last piece – the truth will never be shed on this tragedy.  As I went in for the first bite, which is totally the BEST bite of the entire piece you know that don’t you?  Well as I went in for that bite he said, “You know what meringue is don’t you?”  Well you know what?  Truthfully, I really didn’t know, never paid attention or cared to learn so I answered just that.  And then he ruined me.

“It’s cow slobber.”

Now I know darned good and well that it’s not but do you know to this very day the mere thought of meringue just churns my insides.  Because you know, it kinda looks a little…..   ooooo, never mind.

Damn Uncle Ray!

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