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I’m not easy to shock

March 11th, 2010 · No Comments · Book Writing

Really, I’m not.  I like to say that I’m a pessimist because that way when something great happens it makes it all the better.  Such was the case yesterday.

Charlene returned my call and after letting me know her manager said that so long as the hospital upper management gave permission, she’d love to allow her real name to be used in whatever manner of print.  She even agreed to meet with me tomorrow for a little interview and a few pictures.  Her kindness, once again, is amazing.  During the phone call she asked it I’d received permission from the hospital and I had to tell her no.  That was one phone call I was really dreading.  But, since the ball is rolling, I decided to suck it up and begin the process.

I cleared about an hour from my schedule, grabbed paper and pen, and braced myself for the certain run-around and transfering to different departments that I just knew was coming.  I tried to organize my little speech in a coherent manner and planned for all sorts of objections.  Man, was I ever in for a surprise.

I figured I would start with the marketing department because they may be one of the more willing groups to provide approval and a pleasant gal named Amy answered the phone.  I made the first pitch to her and took a deep breath, waiting for her first objection.  Not only did Amy not give me any objection though, she told me how wonderful the idea was!  She agreed to provide whatever background information on Wesley that I needed, said absolutely Charlene had their permission *and* encouragement, but she also mentioned that a new ad campaign in the works is all about the care patients receive at their hospital and asked if I might be interested in helping them out.  I’m having lunch next week with her and maybe someone else in the department to see just what’s what and offer my services.

Wow.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I got off the phone!  How cool is that?

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