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I’m out of estrogen and I’ve got a gun

April 17th, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I remember hearing that saying for the first time and just laughing and laughing – now I’m living it.  I tell you what, surgical menopause bites the big one.  It’s cruel really, what happens to your very unprepared body.  One day your little ovaries are happily making all those hormones necessary to enjoy life and then a couple of hours on the operating table and….. done.  No more.

My doctor put me on estradiol right away but warned me that we store our hormones in fat cells and it could take months, even a year, before I fully felt the implications of life without them.  I went about my merry way, feeling great because there was no more pain, lost 30 lbs and enjoyed re-doing the dining room.  Then came the happy holidays and after they were over I felt my old friend “winter blues” arrive.  No big deal, he comes each winter but this time he seemed considerably larger.  This time he didn’t go away with the time change and stirrings of spring.  When Grammy had her stroke and I spent that last week driving three hours a day to spend time with her, I expected to feel drained.  The following week I explained my sadness and lethargic behavior as due to her death and the activities following.

Finally, I couldn’t make excuses any longer.  I really took  note of what was happening and how I felt  when I realized I was forgetting everything – even to eat.  I found no enjoyment out of anything – not cooking (I know!),  organizing, reading, walking, nothing.  And I realized I was having to rest, sit down for a few minutes, just during a normal shopping check.  I cried at the drop of a hat no matter the time, place, or present company.  A conversation with my stepmom actually caused me to realize what was happening as I heard her talking of using bioidentical hormones that are custom made for her at the local compounding pharmacy.  Suddenly, it all clicked into place.

I called the pharmacy and got a list of the labwork required to get started then went immediately to my doctor.  Always an open-minded physician, she admitted she was unfamiliar with compounding but said she would be happy to order the bloodwork and work with the pharmacist.  My test results were shocking, to say the least.  I have a lower testosterone than a pre-pubescent child, my vitamin D is two points above the threshold for health, my thyroid is below the lowest range, and everything else is well below as well.  I’m so excited to learn there’s a logical explanation other than “depression”!

I meet with the pharmacist on Thursday and hopefully he can get something prepared for me by Friday because I leave for Kansas City on Sunday.  If not, I know they will ship it to me at the hotel and I’m eager to get started.  If you have any symptoms of menopause I would highly recommend talking with your doctor about running a hormone panel and look into bioidentical hormones.  My stepmom is in her 60’s and can run circles around me, clearing enjoying her life and if I’m going to possibly live another 40-50 years then I want to as well.

I’ll keep you posted.

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