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I’m such a fool, but then again, you already know that

December 6th, 2013 · No Comments · Family, Kids

My son had a dentist appointment this morning and before I left to pick him  up from school, I was sitting in my chair having coffee doing a very typical thing – having my very own pity party and learning about the best bankrate.  It was ugly.   U G L Y ugly!   There was nothing different or special about it, I’m sure you’ve had them too — my boss doesn’t appreciate me, my kids don’t appreciate me, my horses don’t appreciate me, I haven’t won the lottery, I wanted to sleep in but NOOOOO I had to get up an work, I didn’t budget enough for Christmas gifts and all that we want to get the kids, I don’t want to go out of town next week because there aint a lot to do in Coffeyville, blah blah blah, wine wine wine.  It was absolutely pathetic!

I picked up Kenny and he hopped in the driver’s seat to drive his mama into town.  For some reason we seem to have the best talks while we’re driving and there’s time when my heart absolutely stops at the things he says – today was one of those times.

Right after this self induced pity part, as I was riding shotgun with Kenny, this insightful teen began listing the things he’s thankful for and I was blown away.  If I could pass one thing along to my children, it would be the gift of humility and thankfulness – I might just be succeeding.  He gets it, he really does.

We have heat, warmth.  We have food, a roof over our heads, animals with full bellies, vehicles that run along with a man who can fix them if they don’t.  We have our health, family, friends, and friends that have become our extended family.  We *need* nothing and want for little.  Ed and I have jobs, good jobs that pay dependably and I for one should be ever-so-thankful about that considering I have personally interviewed hundreds of people who don’t have the luxury of a dependable job – regardless of whether the boss appreciates them or not.

I’m a fool.  I suppose it’s human nature but then again, life is a roller coaster and one must be at the bottom for the long slow climb to the top before the elation of those beautiful few seconds when that feeling of weightlessness and pure joy washes over you.  I will spend this afternoon trying to hang on to that feeling and appreciating all that we have, what wealth in this house!

Thank you Kenny.  Your mama really need to be reminded of this life lesson.


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