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It’s a small world after all

September 22nd, 2007 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

We boarded a horse named Blue for several months and I will admit, he’s probably the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen.  He’s got the personality of a puppy, the confidence of a stallion, and the presence of a champion like none other.  When you see him run through the pasture it takes your breath away.  We fell in love and we enjoyed his stay here so much.  Had we known he would ever be for sale I would have sold Moo to buy him, or even a child.  We nursed this horse through strangles and I spent many dark evenings and early mornings alone with him in the barn just checking on him.  He’s the kind of horse that when we let them all out around the house pasture he’d come right into the garage and even scared Ed by ducking under the car hood to check out an engine.  He’s just a doll.  The perfect horse and I cried when he left.

Guess who showed up this afternoon?

Yup, it was Blue.  His mane’s been cut off, his hooves are in real bad shape, he’s got some cuts and wounds, he’s awful thin, and he’s lost all the bloom in his coat.  But his strangles scar has healed nicely and he’s still the same guy.  When we realized it was him Ed was in that trailer so fast he about knocked me down.  And when he brought him out my eyes just welled up.  We hugged him and started talking over each other so fast I imagine we freaked his new owner right out.   

I think her intention was to drop him off, watch him settle, and be on her way.  We quickly put a stop to that.  You see Blue can entertain you like no other horse and we knew we were in for an entire afternoon of fun.  Cartman had arrived about a week before Blue left and as the poor guy had never seen grass, trees, or mud he was like a fish out of water.  With seven other horses already in their proper herd pecking order, he didn’t rock the boat.  He stayed mostly to himself and left well enough alone.  Then five left, including Blue, and we brought Silver.  Cartman’s the head guy, the alpha, the Big Dude and he wasn’t about to let Blue take his spot.

We turned Blue out and went to the patio to rest and watch.  Didn’t take long.  Cartman immediately ran the mare’s into the corner.  Fire went along because, well, he just always does what he’s told.  Cartman stood guard, waiting for the first assault.

Blue decides to make his move and he saunters up.  Seriously, this horse saunters.  He shakes his head back and forth like a boxer preparing to enter the ring.  I swear you can see his shoulders bouncing up and down too, just like a boxer.

He gets about 50′ from the herd and Cartman decides, That’s close enough buddy.  Not this time.

Several kicks and rears later and Blue gives up this round.  Cartman’s eyes never left Blue as he walked away.

Blue got far enough away but couldn’t resist a little one finger salute, horse style.

You can’t tell from a still picture but he’s shaking his head up and down, pushing towards Cartman.  For horses, this is the ultimate insult and it’s hysterical to watch. 

We watched this interaction continue throughout both pastures for well over four hours until his owner had to leave.  Ed and I stayed outside watching them as they went into their stalls when dark arrived.  Blue hung back and rolled in the dirt for a while in the corral then came over for a kiss goodnight.  Tomorrow, he’ll test Cartman again.  All.  Day.  Long.  I just know it.

And that’s not the only amazing coincidence that happened today.  When Ed took the boys to football practice a truck followed him in pulling a rusty yellow trailer that he recognized.  He approached the man and come to find out, he’d purchased it from Blue’s previous owner so it was the trailer he used to ride in.

It really is a small world sometimes.

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