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Lazy farming and baby steps with Buck

May 5th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

As crazy as yesterday was, today was plain lazy – a Good Thing indeed.

After my morning shift I started thinking about how truly lazy we are around the farm.  Lazy, in the sense of keeping it simple and avoiding work.  There are enough projects and things that need doing around here to last us for the next decade so we like to be as efficient as possible in our daily routine. 

Need an area tilled out or spread thin?  Simply spread a coffee can full of grain around it and call the chickens - they’ll have it neat as a pin in no time at all.

Got a bumpy area that needs pounded down and smoothed?  Put yer brome pile right there and call the horses – they’ll have it tamped down nicely in about an hour. 

Yard needs mowing?  Block the drive and turn out the livestock for a couple of afternoons – you’ll have to call the chickens to spread the manure piles but the yard will be beautiful manicured.

Have trouble walking through 16 acres to catch a horse?  Train them all to come running from your signal – even works when they get out and three of them are galloping away from you in the neighbor’s wheat field.

After my morning shift on the phones I ventured out to the back pasture to sit on a tree stump and watch the horses.  Naturally Blue came over to check if I had any treats and be the first one getting a pet.  Then Smoke, lastly Fire.  Buck stayed his comfort-zone distance away of about 20′ with a watchful eye.  I turned to watch Blue and Fire nipping at each other and was shocked to hear something on my blind side, it was Buck.  He’d come up to greet me and was only about 3′ from me.  I sat for another minute and then walked away – always leave them wanting more and curious about you.  As I ignored him and went to the others for more pets and scratching I felt something at my elbow.  Buck was now directly behind me and point blank asking for attention – I obliged.  After a good scratching and soft words I again walked off but he wouldn’t have any of that and followed closely behind me, all the way through the 8 acres and back to the barn.  He stood at attention in the corral and just as plain as day asked what I’d like him to do.  So although I hadn’t planned it, I’ll saddle him and ride for just a bit. 

Two years ago this guy was running wild with a herd and never interacted with humans.  Now he’s following me like a puppy through my pastures.  Does it get any better?  I don’t think so.

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