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Life goes on……

March 31st, 2010 · 2 Comments · Horses

Grammy was in ICU until yesterday then was transferred to a rehab facility for a while.  Thank you for the good thoughts and emails – much appreciated!  And as the saying goes, life goes on……

I could not be luckier in my choice of husbands – well the first time was really REALLY bad, but the second time I just nailed it!  Ed was fantastic when I got the call about my Grammy and has spent the past few days following behind me turning off the oven, remembering to make the morning coffee, and listening to me erratically bounce from childhood memories to laughter to hysterics and then a rinse and repeat.  But after learning that Grammy was stabilized and doing better, I turned my focus to cleaning up the loose ends that were blowing in the wind from several days of driving all freaking day into the city.  I listed them all out neatly in my planner, organized the next few days to get caught up, and then started this morning with the intention of knocking out the bulk of the list.  And then the sun came out.  Worse yet, the temperature soared to nearly 80 degrees.  To top it off, the previous three days of 40 mph winds finally stopped.  In short, it was a gorgeous spring day and I chucked my entire list to head out to the corral and grab a horse.

My dear friend Silver came trotting up the minute she saw me and I’d like to delude myself in thinking it’s because she loves me.  It’s not.  She thought I had treats.  But that’s ok, I’ll take it.  She stood patiently while I groomed her, methodically knocking off the winter’s undercoat and spring mud.  I grabbed my saddle, tacked her up, and headed down the road. 

It’s impossible to be unhappy while riding your best horse in the spring sunshine and warmth, it really is.  All the farmers were out working their fields or transporting big equipment to the next pasture needing planted.  Everyone waves to each other and Mr. Wedel even pulled over so he could turn his tractor off and visit for a minute.  The other Mr. Wedel (not related to the first Mr. Wedel) gave me a friendly wave as I was giving Silver her first run of the season.  Silver was ever the princess and was mortified when she realized I was actually going to not only ride her but make her work.   In the end, I think she enjoyed the four mile workout. 

My thighs did not.

Holy toledo am I ever sore!  There’s just really no way to prepare a winterized body for the saddle, no matter how much you workout over the winter.   Oh well, it won’t be long before I can manage a 14 mile ride and still walk normally.  But for now I say a little “ow” with every step.

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