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Lisa’s visit, in pictorial

July 24th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Isn’t it wonderful when someone really clicks with one of your kids and they learn so much from that person?  Well for some reason, Kenny and Lisa just hit it off and got along wonderfully.  She put her little mustang, Maggie, out with the cows and Kenny was up at the crack of dawn every morning going out to catch her.  He’d have her tied, fed, groomed, and ready for work by the time Lisa was finished with her coffee.  She taught him to ride, actually she taught all the kids.  There’s some lessons that are better left to others for teaching your kids.  They all did wonderful and just this morning showed me how much they learned when I turned them out with Silver all by themselves for the first time ever (and totally forgot the camera, again).

Oh God, they were toddling around bonking their heads just yesterday!  I swear, really they were.  When did they grow up?

Somehow during the many hours of horrendously horrendous hard work Lisa put me through, I remembered to grab the camera.  And it turns out that when she took Kenny out of the road for his first ride off the farm, Darren stepped up and remembered for me since I was working.  Not to miss a moment, as soon as I was done working, I sped down the dirt roads until I found them and embarrassed Kenny to death when I got out in the middle of the road just to stand there like a freaking mother and cry as he passed me!  I couldn’t help it!  He just looked so grown up.  I only followed them for a little ways.  Not even a quarter mile.  Well a half mile at the very most.

{must remember to just attach the camera to my belt so I’ll have it at all times}

Anyway, here are some pictures from the week.  As you mouse over the picture, the caption will pop up.


Lisa working Tess.

Lisa with Tess.  Wow, look at that bloom on her coat!  I hadn't realized how shiny she is. 

I'm not sure why, but I just love this picture.

This horse was a saint for the kids.

Lisa's horse, Maggie, with Kenny.

By the time she left he could catch, tie up, and tack up Maggie completely.

Lisa put Kenny to work and they got along wonderfully.

Coming home.  Finally!

Arriving home from his first ride around the section.  I cried from the time he left, to the time I drove out to stop him in the middle of the road 2 miles out, to the time they got home.

Getting ready to dismount.  The rules are, you have to do it yourself with no help!

Thank God, he's on ground again.

Look at that grin!  His first tide down the road 4 miles.  Be still my heart.  And yes, all his jeans have the knee tore out.  Don't ask.

Always pet yer horse as a thank you.  Treats are good too.

Again, Maggie needs sainthood - just look at that bit.

Glad to be back!

Yesterday he was a toddler in diapers.

He really wanted to take that hat off by then!

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