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Loopy confesses

September 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I’ve written extensively about my hormone struggles over the past few months and it’s been an adventure like none other.  Learning more about my body and how things functions has, by default, demanded that I tend to my needs which were usually swept under the rug over the past 15 years.  Children do that do you.  At any rate, I’ve had no choice but to listen to the calls for help my body was exhibiting and I’ve begun yet another journey in food.

When starting bioidentical hormones the doctor told me this could take a year or more to get adjusted and, let me be clear, that did not sit well with this instant gratification gal.  But, alas, it’s been several months and we’re just now getting them straightened out – I actually expect there to be a few more adjustments through the winter.  The learning curve usually followed is to deal with the menopausal symptoms first with the tri-dose (testosterone, progesterone, & estradiol/estradol blend), then check for food issues, followed by thyroid issues, then outdoor allergies, and lastly, adrenal gland issues.  I’m finally at the adrenal gland and will begin meds for it in another month or so but I wanted to tell you about the food issues.

Fifteen years ago I was giving large doses of second generation antibiotics for about five weeks.  While they saved my life, they also (my doctor and I believe) permanently damaged my immune system and good bacteria load.  As you know, we have need to have lots of good bacteria in our system to fight off the daily onslaught of bad guys.  Well those antibiotics destroyed ALL my good guys as well as the bad which left me ripe for a yeast infection.  All women know of what I speak.  But this was unlike any other yeast infection I’d ever had.  For 15 years yeast grew in my body and I fed it happily with things I THOUGHT were healthy for me – vinegars, hard cheeses, dairy (oh my, there are times I LIVED on dairy) and I *listened* to my body whenever it craved those things.

Doctor J asked if I would consider a yeast elimination diet for four weeks which involved giving up ALL dairy and other yeast-feeding foods like fruit, vinegars, and breads.  I laughed at this and decided that I KNEW I had no dairy issues and all this yeast overgrowth talk was ridiculous so I agreed.  I discussed it with Ed and reviewed the menu so that I would have plenty of acceptable foods on hand.  Keep in mind this wasn’t a weight-loss diet so I wouldn’t be concerned with calories or fat intake at all – only yeast elimination.  I would also take massive doses of cod liver oil as well as nearly 400 BILLION acidophilus every day.  Not only did I intend to stick with this diet to prove doc wrong, but I also intended to make the same meals each day for my family, although I did enlist their help.

Oh dear, you wouldn’t believe it!  The first three days were worse than quitting smoking and I seriously thought I would commit murder.  Slowly.  With my bare hands.  It was horrible!  And then….. it smoothed.   The “cardboard” pancakes really started to taste good.  I LOVED the mixed nuts I could snack on and I learned to make some bitchin’ hummus.  And then……. dear Lord I started losing weight.  And more weight.  Keep in mind that I did NOT increase my exercise at all but people, I lost 14 pounds in less than five weeks.  Just…. BAM, gone.  I ATE.  Oh my did I eat, but eating like that caused me to get full REALLY quickly and I just didn’t require as much food.  I felt fantastic and suddently I noticed that the “dairy puff” was gone – I HAVE CHEEKBONES!!!  It was a life-changing experience.

The official elimination diet is over and I tested adding dairy back in but learned that I can only have a slight bit – a little sprinkle of cheese over a meal – or I have immediate symptoms.  So if this is the basis for a new way of eating, what’s a girl who cooks with butter to do?  Then I received a sign from Heaven.


You got it, lard.  I’ve been cooking with lard and we’ve never been happier.  The sun shines brighter, the kids all behave, and …… well not quite but you get it.  Seriously, I really believed I put out some good food but, oh good gravy, NOTHING compares to lard biscuits and pancakes.  I’ll get into more detail in another post. 🙂

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