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Moo is a very, very bad cow

September 14th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

and she’s in time-out right now for the next few weeks because she tried to run away again.

One minute she was happily laying around in the grass by the garage and the next minute Ed’s hollering at me to get a grain bucket because she’s a half mile down the road.  She headed to the milo field and Sparky went across the road to the corn field – remember the pictures I posted the other day of the harvested corn field?  Yeah, that one.  Naturally as Ed’s pushing on her big behind to get her going down the road towards the house one the Elder Hieberts drove by and had a quite a laugh.  I believe his words were, “Why, you can go right up to that cow can’t ya?  Isn’t that strange, I’ve never seen anything like it.”  He offered to help but she’d seen me by then and was running full speed towards me so Ed just thanked him and followed her in.  I informed her of the punishment and she’s been standing at the gate to her pasture moo-ing at me ever since and trying to break the chain that holds the gate shut.  I really don’t care, she can moo all she wants but she’s not coming out again until that milo field’s been harvested.

Damn spoiled cow. 

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