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More baby steps from Buck

October 24th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Buck’s ground work is coming along nicely, although I’m simply reviewing each day the things I watched Anne practice.   His fear of the barn is completely gone and, in fact, he remains in there this afternoon after refusing to leave.  He’s obviously decided the barn is his and the giant round bale’s become his personal buffet.  The mouthwork is coming along slowly but with a bit more progress each day.  Today’s goal was to get my hands actually touching his mouth and I learned it’s the coming straight at the mouth that seems to be the problem.  If I go high on his brow he drops his head and allows me to work my hand slowly down to the tip of his nose.  Today he even progressed to letting me continue on to his mouth from the top, but if I come from the chin or straight to his mouth, he shys away.  I’ve also taken to hand-feeding him his daily BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds) and mineral supplement.  As he gobbles them up I cup my hand to actually touch the sides of his mouth and he allows that.  The horses are scheduled for de-worming next week so I’ve got to get him to accept the paste and today we began working with the paste tube.  He’ll also allow me to put the headstall over his ears and the bit to rest on his nose.  Considering a week ago he was throwing his head and the mere thought of anyone coming near his nose, this is significant progress and I’m thrilled.

As for the herd issues, he’s now coming up with them when I call them to the barn and took direction the other evening from Cartman when he decided, for no known reason, it was time for them all to run full speed back to the barn and then stand for about 30 minutes before heading out again.  Horses can be so strange!  At any rate, Buck followed right along and watching him at full speed was breathtaking.  With regard to Blue challenging him, well today he’d had enough.  As I watched from a stall door Blue told Buck to move aside and this time Buck stood his ground.  When Blue gave a head push Buck stomped his foot and then reared up, Blue answered in kind.  After two or three rears Buck spun and landed a kick to Blue’s shoulder and then he chased him out of the corral with several more spins.  Blue gave up at that point and went to stand next to Cartman.  While this may sound violent it’s not, it’s simply the herd mentality and two males establishing their pecking order – Buck’s fine with Blue at a higher level but he’s not going to be told what to do by anyone other than his alpha, Cartman.  The biggest relief is that he’s joined with them to an extent and I finally saw him lay down to sleep this morning while the others stood guard.  Although I don’t see them 24/7 I do observe them several hours a day and I’d yet to see him get that good REM sleep from laying down so it was nice to see that this morning.

I took Silver to Moo’s pasture yesterday and practiced my galloping – what an awful sight that must have been.  Although my seat is nicely maintained while jogging, once I hit the gallop I’m all over the place and not wanting to embarrass her, I only attempted a few runs.  This will definitely take some practice – hopefully Anne can offer some tips next time she’s out.  But I will say I got up on her without a mounting aid and I practiced that several times so I’ve got it nailed.  Silver doesn’t roll her eyes at me any longer so that’s a good sign.

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