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More conversations with Vincent

January 30th, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

M = Me     V = Vincent

M – Thanks for going to get the mail for me.  I saw you run the whole way so you must have used up all your speed.  {our driveway is nearly a quarter mile long)

V – No, I still have lost of speed left.  I just like to run like that sometimes.

M – Oh, I see.  Well I sure appreciate it.

V – I can run all the way to Canada with full speed.  I don’t even need a drink of water.

M – Really?  All the way to Canada huh?

V – Yeah, it’s a long way.  But I could do it.  No, I HAVE done it.  Yeah, I’ve been to Canada.

M – Oh?

V – I’m serious Mom, I’ve run all the way to Canada before.  Seriously.

M – Really?  I must not remember that.

V – Well it was right after I got back from running all the way to China!

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