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Mustangs are different

November 1st, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The other evening I was searching for more information on training mustangs when I came across the website of Lisa Clark.  Lisa has purchased 11 mustangs over the years and normally gets them “wild caught” rather than “saddlebroke” then she trains them from start to finish.  After a courtesy email I called her on the phone yesterday and begged her to let Jen and I come out to her farm.  What an interesting visit that was!  You know those RFD shows where the rider is at liberty on the horse in the arena and the horse just responds to every request?  She did that yesterday on a grey mare.  Wow, it was really awesome to see.

We discussed the issues in general with mustangs and, specifically, the type of trainin he had from Hutch.  She’s purchased from them for years so she’s very familiar with how they handle the horses.  The she confirmed what Anne and I have been beginning to realize, mustangs are different.  They just are.  They’ve never been imprinted and it seems to take much more work to gain their respect.  Anne’s tried everything she can think of but it’s just not getting the results we’re looking for – he should be farther along by now.  So, we’re having Lisa come out Friday for an evaluation and to give us some information on mustangs. 

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