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New York City in 28 hrs – it can be done

April 26th, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

After frantically making household arrangements until well after 1:00 am I was in bed for a refreshing half hour of sleep Tuesday evening (or is it technically Wednesday morning?).   When the alarm went off I hit the snooze and tucked back in until a thought entered my head….. you’re going to New York City today silly, git yer butt up!

An hour later I was headed to Wichita for an early, EARLY, flight and landed in NYC around 11:00 am.  My car and driver picked me up and we headed into Manhattan with me hanging out the window, camera in hand, the entire time.  My poor driver, I’m sure he was mortified.  I had asked for the earliest flight so I could spend as much time as possible exploring and I had the remainder of the day to enjoy.   Since my hotel was right in Times Square, I’d told Ed my plan was to head up to Central Park to spend the afternoon and he wished me well, asking me not to get myself killed.  After exiting left from my hotel this is what I saw:

I asked a cop to take my picture and please note my purse over my shoulder in a death grip.  I take personal safety very seriously.  Although I will say that I hardly walked a block without seeing security and police – I felt relatively safe.  Relatively.

A minor traffic jam.  I learned quickly to ignore all traffic signs and just walk through.  If there are cars coming you simply hold up your hand and they stop.  They honk and cuss you out, but they stop.  I tried it once just to get the feel.  We also saw a window washing crew lose their scaffolding cables and struggle to swing over so they could crawl through a window!

I saw lots of high fashion ladies.  The horses would seriously laugh at me if I showed up in the barn wearing this.  And no, that’s not a coat, that’s her dress.

After a 14 block walk I hit the mecca!

I quickly found some horses so I would feel at home.

I had several conference calls scheduled so I headed to find a nice rock to serve as a desk for a couple hours of work.

One thing I learned is that New Yorkers must have very large bladders because everyone had water bottles but there are no public restrooms!  There were about five port-a-potties in the Park but the line was outrageous.  I kept wanting to ask everyone where they did their business but figured I was better off just heading back to my hotel and getting some sleep.

After another hour or two of meetings I settled in and was very surprised at how quiet my room was.  The next morning my driver picked me up and we headed to Fox.  The green room was bustling with lots of guests and everyone was shuffled through hair and makeup.  Producers came down and went over all our questions thoroughly and they couldn’t have been nicer. 

Going over the program while having breakfast.

These were the service horses that were on after us.  There were two of these little guys there and every time they went by me they nickered – which they are not supposed to do.  I swear I’d showered since leaving the farm and their larger cousins!

The makeup lady did an awesome job!  I really felt for her.

Gayle Buske was on next to me and we spent the remainder of the afternoon together sightseeing once we returned to the hotel.

I had  to run to Grand Central for some pics.  We also headed to the Empire State Building but the wait to go up was over an hour and we were rushed for time as our cars were picking us up for return flights shortly.

If you missed the show or are just bored out of your mind, you can see our segment in full here. 

A few hours later I was back on a plane heading for the farm.  Although our boarder’s horse didn’t have her foal while I was gone, I was very glad to arrive home and see this……..

Yep.  She aint happy, but she’s still contained.

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