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No hay reglas

February 11th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Cooking, Family, Recipes

There are no rules.

This is the direction my wonderful stepmom has put me during my quest to learn how to create a few of the wonderful mexican dishes she makes. She also sent me home with a couple of fantastic cookbooks but, truthfully, I’ve learned more from just writing down what she says and asking her to repeat it 10 times. She’ll tell me a recipe and then say, “oh but you can always add this or that or whatever you guys like, there are NO RULES in mexican cooking!”

By Ed’s standard’s, she’s a short little gal.

So when my sister in law invited us down to her house tomorrow for a mexican feast, she requested a few dishes and I’ve started early prep on them here at the farm since there won’t be enough time for cooking the entire meal at her house. Teressa, here’s what you’ve missed!

We’ll start with the pork roast for carnitas. This is a butt, which I believe makes the best carnitas but get whatever is on sale and whatever you like. Just avoid sirloin, those don’t slow cook very well. You’ll also need onions, limes, jalapenos, garlic, worcestershire, soy sauce and whatever else you want to add. This is by no means the official carnita recipe but I think it’s a fantastic way of cooking a butt!


Put the roast into a large crockpot that you’ve sprayed with Pam or something.

Salt & pepper the roast well with tons of pepper then add several cloves of chopped garlic and a chopped onion.

It was at this point my coffee kicked in and my brain turned on, reminding me that tonight I’d be cooking the beans and making pico de gallo as well as the prep for everyday rice so I grabbed another onion and chopped it as well. Then I had to grab the remaining jalapenos to prepare them too.

Side note — my daddy made me that cutting board about 25 years ago and I should probably ask him for a new one but every time I use this one I sure do think of him. I love that cutting board.

Back to the recipe!

The pork roast will be shredded so the onions and peppers can be in chopped or thinly sliced form but the peppers for the pico de gallo need to be diced small-ish so they will be different. Then the peppers for the beans can be a rough chop because we’re going to blend them in after cooking several hours. In short, this is what I ended up with from 6 or 7 peppers….

If I’m only dealing with 1 or 2 peppers I usually don’t worry about a glove but since there were so many I decided to glove-up.

Add the peppers to the crockpot.

Then top it all off with a couple shakes of worcestershire and soy sauce then add the juice of two limes. Limes serve as the tenderizer, “wang” flavor, and even saltiness. One thing Mama (my stepmom is Mama and my mother is Mom) has taught me is that mexican cooks love their limes! I buy huge bags of them and use them in everything.

Turn the crockpot on high for most of the morning and then down to low for the afternoon. Let this cook all day then remove and shred it. Put it back in the crockpot and refrigerated before taking to your sister in law’s house.

Later today we’ll do the beans. Hope you’re hungry!

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