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No more purple

October 11th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

When we moved into our farmhouse five years ago we were mortified by the dining room.  Here, in a 100 year old home containing three boys and a mother who works with horse manure, there was carpet in the dining room.  Because carpet inside is a great idea for a 20 acre plot of mud.  Now the rest of the house had wood floors (which I hate) but there, in the first room you enter and where three children drink glasses of red kool-aid, was carpet.  And not even a dull neutral color that might high stains, nope, it was a tan color.  To go with this monstrosity of a floor, there were purple walls.  Not a pretty shade mind you and no even just one amazing shade, there were two.  The bottom of the walls were a K-State bright purple and the top were a lighter version.   Two, two shades of purple on these walls.  It was enough to make anyone who entered the room kind of tilt their head in a “huh” sort of way.  Followed by, “Wow.  You’ve got purple walls.”  I hated it when they’d do that.

But no more.  Oh hell no.

We’ve spent the last two weeks pulling up carpet (complete with an outdoor bonfire with loud cheering), laying underlayment for our new parquet flooring, filling cracks, sanding, priming, painting, painting, painting, and painting another coat.  I bribed Jen with food and she’s faithfully work her fingers to the bone helping and we’re nearly finished.  Well, finished with our part.  We’ve done just about all that two ladies with little power tool experience can do and now Ed will have to take over.  We’re replacing the fireproof wall plates around the woodstove with concrete sheetrock.  This involves heavy things and lots of power tools so Ed will handle it.  And then there’s the delicate matter of fixing the crooked door that has a half inch gap on the top and doesn’t seal.  This is naturally on the north wall where winter winds just come right in and make themselves at home.  Last but not least is the flooring which can go crooked in the blink of an eye.

Nope, we’ll just sit back and do the final decorating and let Ed handle it from here.  Hopefully soon I’ll have some pictures for you.

 photo mylivesigfinal_zpsbe6e7807.png