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Our first serious accident on the farm

October 21st, 2007 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Have you ever done something that resulted in an accident then looked back on it and realized how simply it could have been avoided?  Worse, that you knew how to avoid it but in that flash you did exactly what you shouldn’t have done?  You have?  Really?  I never have.  Ha!  I do that on a regular basis.  Hell I remember working at McDonalds as a teen and dropping some french fries out of the basket so I just reached down and picked them up!  That hurt.  Yeah, I do that all the time.  Anyway, the other day Anne was working with Fire a little in the barn on tying up when he pulled back a little too hard and got too much rope.  Next thing we know, it’s wrapped around his leg and he totally freaks.  He backed away as far as the rope would allow and Anne went to him to unhook the rope.  Now, both of us know better than to do that.  You always, always untie the rope from the source – which is why you use a quick release knot.  But in the heat of the moment she went over to him and the instant she unhooked it, he went straight over her.  It was awful to watch and my stomach still ties up thinking about it. 

Thankfully, there are no broken bones.  She’s got some pretty bruises and a mild concussion so she’s taking a week off.  As soon as it was over we both knew instantly the right way to have handled it but in that flash sometimes you just do exactly what you shouldn’t.  That’s one mistake I don’t think either of us will make again.

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