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Rhythm of the farm

March 7th, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve talked before about the rhythm of the farm and how it creeps into your body and soul, becomes tangible and comforting at the same time.  Today is a perfect illustration of it.  In the short span of only a few days I believe Spring has peeked in on us.  We always have at least one, if not two, cold snaps in March but temps went from in the 20’s to mid-60’s lightening fast last week.  After getting over the shock, we moved quickly.  Spring is great and all, but it’s followed by an extreme season – Summer.  And just as we have to be prepared for Winter, we have to be well into our groove by summer.  Things can fall apart rather quickly around the farm when it’s not operated properly.  I began folding all the winter blankets but left them in corners just in case, we moved the cows out back to their summer pasture and put a couple horses in their old one to clean up the hay, and all the horses received a thorough once over along with light grooming (can’t comb out their shedding coats just yet since they still need that insulation), and the barn’s been freshened.  I’ll get into the barn this week for a good cleaning and once over, arrange all the tack and begin setting up outside.  Jen and I like to keep chairs out by the round pen and in the barn so those will need brought out.

Today Ed helped me with the Spring cleaning and between the two of  us we knocked it out in just a few hours.  We still need to clean the windows and the fireplace, but for the most part, we’re ready to move outside.  As soon as the house is finished, you see, we move outside and often are only inside to eat, sleep, and shower.  Ed’s got a long list of repairs and projects to get done this season and he’s also got to build a new bale holder before next winter for those damn cows.  Remember when Sparky destroyed the panel, knocking me into a pile of manure at the same time?  Well she did even worse damage to her bale holder and that means I’ve got to begin pitching hay out back to her and the others.  I’m not amused.  Although fantastic as a workout, pitching hay is not my favorite thing to do.  At all.

So the rhythm of the farm is now in outdoor mode – tentatively.  And I’m glad, I so missed being outside.

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