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Shopping with Lisa

October 20th, 2007 · No Comments · Uncategorized

During a visit with my sister-in-law, Trina, she ran to the store with me to help me out during a shopping check.  As I was explaining what I was doing we discovered that she was unaware of some technicalities at the store.  There are two little tricky things you can do with couponing and sale prices that can really make a big difference in your shopping, so I thought I’d explain them. 

First, pay attention to Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales at your local grocer.  At my Dillons those items actually don’t ring the second one free but rather they take 50% off each item and you only NEED to buy just the one.  For example, say Lysol is on sale BOGO and it’s price is $3.00.  Rather than get two bottles for $3.00 what I would do is simply get one bottle for $1.50 and preferably use a coupon.  So if I have a coupon for $.50 my final cost would be $.50 for the bottle since my store doubles coupons.  The exception to this rule is fresh meat – those they actually ring the second one at $0.

The second interesing thing is called “stacking”.  If you use coupons you know that you can only use one coupon per item.  So in the case above you couldn’t use another coupon on the Lysol.  However, if you had a BOGO coupon you could use it to get a second bottle free.  Here’s how it would work.  First bottle rings up at $1.50 and you use your $.50 doubled for a final cost of $.50.  Then you use the BOGO coupon and the cashier would write $1.50 in the space for cost since that’s what the second bottle would ring up.  The first coupon is for the first bottle and the second coupon is for the second bottle.  So you would end up with TWO bottles of Lysol for just $.50 or $.25 each.  The beauty of this is that if you subscribe to the Grocery Game your list will show you exactly how and when to use coupons this way so you won’t have to even give it a thought.

Give it a try at your store!

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