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Snipits from my family

September 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I told Vincent that my previous post was kind of deep so I needed to lighten the tone on the blog a bit.  Come on honey, you got anything for me?  Anything funny for Mom?  And with a total deadpan he says, I’m not funny Mom.  I won’t be funny until I’m about 23.  Then I’ll be in college.    

But then I thought about my guys and some of my favorites all came rushing back. 

 Hey Mom, is it bad when the toilet flushes up instead of down?

Dad’s in the barn and he’s cussing so I can’t repeat a damn thing he said.

Vincent pushed me and I stepped in cow poop so I can’t go to school.  

Mom, I need a rock for school.  But it has to be a perfect rock and I need to float it to find out if it’s the perfect one.

We’re selling candy bars again.  This time I promise not to eat all of them before we sell them.

We’re pregnant?  How’d that happen?  I thought we decided we were done?   You know, because deciding  to be done is all it takes.  This was six years ago but it sums up Ed’s thinking so nicely.

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