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Something’s gotta give

January 19th, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

As I sat down for the weekly financial review this week I realized that I have worked 45 hours at my three WAH jobs for the past several weeks.  Add to the daily grind two hours of farm chores and then a couple more hours for house chores, dinner, dishes, etc and it’s no wonder I’m feeling a little tired.  The good news is that I was able to work enough to completely recover from December’s ice storm and we’re now back on track.  The even-better news is that I can relax just a little and cut out at least five or six of those hours.

Today I’m going to finish up my shopping gig and then take the remainder of the day off.  Ed’s got the small storeroom just about finished and ready for me to fill the shelves and then we’re going to start on the old office which will now be the guest room.  We’ve also decided to move our room downstairs and the boys’ TV room will now be in our old bedroom.  This will not only give us more privacy but in the even of power outages, we’ll have a queen and twin bed already downstairs as well as couches so we wouldn’t have to haul mattresses downstairs.  Ed’s never really liked having our room upstairs because these ancient stairs are really tiny and his bad knee gives him trouble.  So the past few weeks in the small amount of time I’ve seen Ed, we’ve discussed where to move that piece of furniture and that shelf and what color to paint that room – all the fun stuff.  Remember that show where the designer did someone’s house by simply rearranging their own furniture?  Well that’s what we’re doing.  Any cash expenses will go for the new floors in the bathroom and dining room along with paint.  That’s pretty much the extent of the budget for this winter’s projects as I expect to see the dreaded propane truck any day for a refill.

My New Year’s Resolution to get back to my old self is coming along nicely.  I’m re-organizing and cleaning like mad.  I’ve become attached at the hip to my self-designed planner and each day I’m amazed at how relaxed I’m in when it comes to my crazy schedules.  I now check my planner before agreeing to any activity and that one simple act has really saved my butt lately as I can clearly see if there’s a conflict needing moved rather than trying to do it all in a frantic frenzy.  I haven’t forgotten juice or snacks for the kids on their days and, more importantly, I haven’t even forgotten a child.  Yet.  You know, I used to carry a planner and could list the effectiveness of one for miles but I really fell off the wagon last year and it all went to you-know-where from that point forward.  I’ve got tabs in the planner for projects, finances, my schedule, lists of books, lists of ideas for holidays, reminders for everything (even next Christmas!), you name it, it’s in there. 

I’ve also completely revamped our budgeting system.  I’ve always used Quicken to track expenses and as the granddaughter of a bank VP, I could tell you at any time of the day where my money was and the balance, to the penny.  I don’t think I’ve skipped a bank statement reconciliation since…… high school.  It’s just not done, according to Grammy.  Fast forward 20 something years and a reconciliation hasn’t happened here since……. oh last May perhaps.  What can I say, last year was a bad bad rough year.  So beginning January 1 we started over and I cleaned up last years enough for tax purposes but going forward I put us on the envelope and zero-balance system.  Still using Quicken, but I was able to adapt it for our needs and now everything’s in it’s place.  I cannot tell you the peace of mind this brings me and I’ve yet to awake in the middle of the night worried about money or how we’re going to come up with some for that bill – it’s all been taken care of and by the time the bill’s here the funds will be available.  Very nice.

For this next subject, I thought I’d put a disclaimer that I’ve never really been one to pay attention or give credit to horoscopes.  But after an afternoon spent with Jen where I told her all my anal retentive plans for the upcoming year and shocked her with just how bad I am, she apparently looked into my yearly prediction.  One her next visit she informed me that she’d check four different horoscopes for me and each one of them predicted the same sort of activity – a returning to one’s self, a turn in my cycle, yada yada yada.  I scoffed but was intrigued.  I searched the net for some random listings and decided to check what they predicted for 2007 – which shall now be known as The Worst Year Ever – Even Worse Than Nearly Dying During 1996.  I read them in stunned disbelief as I say that each one predicted this final year in my cycle as one of the lowest points in my life.  A year of difficulty in every aspect and on and on.  Wow!  Even the tragic events named monthly were nearly 100% dead on and I admit, it was a little freaky.  I don’t think I’ll ever become ruled by the horoscope, but it’s very interesting and an enjoyable little sidebar.  I think it’s more interesting to read it after the fact, so that’s what I’ll do.

Well, enough of an update.  I’ve got cleaning to do. 🙂

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