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Summer has officially started

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

What was my signal that the official start of summer was here?  Was it flowers?  Warmer weather?  The end of school?  The horses finally (thank GOD!) losing their shaggy winter coats?


No to all of that.

The official start of summer is when I shear the boys.

I keep their hair fairly short during school but let them grow it out to a length we both can agree upon, usually about 2″ or so.   Kenny and Vincent have hair that starts to wave just a tad at that length so it’s best not to let it go any further.  But Darren?  Oy vey!  Darren inherited his father’s hair and at about 1″ it starts to curl, tightly.  Like afro tight.  By the time I got to his hair and shaved it down with the shortest guard, there was enough fluffy hair on the ground to stuff a pillow.  There was a lot  of hair.

But the deed is done and now they look like “summer” to me.  We all, including me, get summer cuts because of the wind, dirt, sweat, and hair making it impossible to keep any kind of style or length to our hair.  Besides, when you come in from the pasture or back from an all day ride you, it’s easy to just stop at the hose and spray off. 

Doesn’t everyone do that?

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