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Thanks for the emails about Blue

September 25th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

I received several emails after I posted about Blue returning to our farm and everyone agreed he’s just a gorgeous horse.  He is settling in nicely and seems to be accepting the fact that he’s #2 and not the alpha male at the moment.  Unfortunately his new owner was given the impression that he’d be a perfect riding horse for her 11 yr. old daughter (who has ridden only a handful of times) and was shocked to learn that we saw him flip straight back and land on on a rider, twice, just a few months ago.  When Blue left here the end of June his two open wounds from strangles prevented him from further training and since she purchased him just a few weeks later, we advised her that he’s probably NOT safe for an inexperienced rider even *if* he had training during those short couple of weeks.  Of course, she wasn’t told he’d had strangles nor that he is potentially still carrying the live virus.  Thank goodness she happened to come here where we knew his history as he could have infected an entire healthy stable!    It really is a “buyer beware” in the horse market – isn’t that sad? 

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