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The first fire

December 6th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

I could bore you, and by bore I mean totally literally bore you to tears where you’d just BEG me to shut up, with all the details of life around here the past week.  Crazy man, like totally.  But the important thing is that we got the house decorated with a little help from mom and Jen and we’re loving every minute of it.  I swear it feels like we’re in a whole new house. 

This afternoon while I worked at the table on paperwork Ed decided to get the stock tank heaters out for the animals because he doesn’t like listening to me whine about breaking ice every morning.  First he cleaned the tank with bleach which left a faint smell which didn’t bother any of the horses except Buck.  He stood there for about five full minutes smelling and snorting at the tank to make sure that it wasn’t a horse-killing-smell, you never know.

The horses always come up to the barn to check out what Ed’s doing and see if they can beg some treats from him.

I told him to wave so he did but then I said, “that’s boring and I can barely see you” so he did this……..

He has no idea I actually took the picture or that I’m posting it for the entire world to see.  And when he finds out he’s going to just kill me.  Seriously.  I may need a place to stay. 

Enough jabbering, on to Christmas decorations!

Our first fire of the season.  I created it because Ed said he’d be happy to start one for me and would be right back with the ingredients then he went outside and three hours later I saw him on a ladder talking to the horses.  Or to himself.  Or maybe he was singing.  I’m not sure but I gave up and took matters in my own hands.

The radio cabinet belonged to my brother and Ed turned it into a humidor, complete with cedar lining.  My Damn Brother-In-Law Nathan refinished it for us so I have to be nice to him for another couple of months.  I’ll sure be glad when it runs out and I can go back to normal.  The wall hanging was done by my dear Grammy when I bought my first house back in….. oh dear, 1988 – can you believe it was that long ago? 

There’s Vincent playing his DS game.  Can I just say how much I hate this furniture and have always hated it?  I absolutely cannot wait until next spring when we can get something else.

Can  you see the pillar through this window?  That’s the original back door with a small porch for the house.  The door to the porch is just through that doorway on the right.  That’s the doorway that the older couple who owned the house just hung a door and left everything beyond stuck in time once their kids moved out.  All the original woodwork and hardware for this house is just beyond that doorway.  We’re going to begin working on the rooms beyond that point sometime next year.

I have no idea why those blankets are all messed up nor do I have any idea who’s been messing around with my Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.  I would venture a guess but with my three, you just never know.  I have even less of an idea why on earth I’m sharing this messy picture with you, but then again, why do I do anything?

This is our sixth Christmas here on the farm and the first that we’ve ever decorated like this – normally it just the tree and maybe some things in the entertainment center.  I love the kitchen now, just love it.

And now we’ll begin the baking and wrapping!

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